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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Johnboy - Claim Dedications (1994)

Seeing as how I just posted a redo of Johnboy's first album, it only makes sense to follow-up that post with a post of their follow-up, Claim Dedications. Confused yet?

Released by Trance Syndicate in 1994, Johnboy's second album unfortunately proved to be their last. Similarly gripping and noisy, if you enjoy their first album, it's a virtual lock that you'll like this just as much.

I downloaded this album years ago over at the Generitalia blog. Since that site is now inactive and all of its old posts have been removed, it seems fair to share this gem here.

Check out "10w40":

Johnboy - Claim Dedications (1994)
1. Shortstack (3:01)
2. Quick to Drain (3:40)
3. Driving Resevoirs Up Noses (5:09)
4. 10w40 (3:31)
5. Chair (4:25)
6. Genus (2:48)
7. Pivotal (2:21)
8. Lorac (1:54)
9. Flung Circles (3:55)

47.8MB ZIP archive
MP3: Variable bitrate (217kbps average)
Rubyripper 0.4.2 w/LAME 3.97 (--alt-preset standard)



Peter Tron said...

both these albums are bloody rowdy little barn stormers. goes well with red wine and fish!

Charla said...