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Friday, October 17, 2008

LAME 3.98.2 (MP3 Encoder)

Just a quick note to let folks out there know that an update has been released for the LAME MP3 encoder, version 3.98.2.

Any regular visitors I have know that I prefer the LAME encoder for creating MP3 files. If you're like me and you use Audiograbber (Exact Audio Copy is a good alternative, but is less intuitive), then the LAME encoder is absolutely essential if you want the highest quality. You can check out my posting Tutorial: Create MP3s Using Audiograbber with the LAME Encoder for more info on ripping CDs to MP3.

This is basically a minor bugfix update, but for those curious, here's the changelog:

o Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2031704 ] --id3v1-only didnt work in 3.98-final
o Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2022035 ] encoder_padding value and resampling
o Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2029282 ] Frequency filtering API broken in 3.98
o Fix for Bugtracker item [ 2039648 ] potential memory leak in parse_args() function in parse.c
o Fix for some tagging issues:
+ Made search for ID3v1 genres more sloppy, abbrevations may match more often as some simple typos. Examples:
# --tg "Alt. Rock" matches genre "Alternate Rock"
# --tg "acapela" matches genre "A Cappella"
+ New switch --pad-id3v2-size "n": adds ID3v2 tag with n padding bytes.

As usual, the best place to grab the latest LAME compile is from RareWares. You can get the 3.98.2 build (compiled with Intel Compiler 10.1) by clicking here.


kaspian said...

Just a word for Mac/OSX users:

MAX, a freebie audio utility from (I think) includes the LAME encoder as well as a suite of other open-source tools. The user interface isn't Max's strongest point. But the default MP3 setting appears to be -V2 --vbr-new, which is probably the best all-round setting for this encoder. So you just select MP3 as the format setting, and you're set.

Steve Engler said...

I have been using this software fine for at least a year, but now when it comes time for lame to open up and do it's job, it opens for a split second and does nothing anymore. Any ideas what is wrong?

Kevin Sartori said...

That's a weird one, Steve. I have no idea what's going on. One thing I've noticed is that if there's a really long path to the rip folder, Audiograbber will goof up and encode everything at 128kbps! Could be a really long path problem. Try putting the rip folder right at the root:


And then moving the files when done. Let me know if that helps!

Steve Engler said...

Bummer, that didn't help. Audiograbber seems to be fooled into thinking LAME worked so I end up with no wave file or mp3 anywhere. I doubt it is an Audiograbber problem since everytime I select Lame.exe it opens only for a split second.

Kevin Sartori said...

Well, Lame.exe is a command-line executable, so if you launch it by itself, you'll see a command window open and close really quick. I'm not sure what else to advise. Did you try re-installing Audiograbber? Did you double-check all the settings? If all else fails, you could try installing Exact Audio Copy instead. Much less intuitive, but a good alternative...

Steve Engler said...

Well I tried everything you suggested and more with no luck at all. I found that if I go into mp3 settings on Audiograbber and select internal encoder and LameEnc DLL Version 1.32 I finally get mp3s again. So my new question is will this be as good of quality as the Lames I used to make?

Kevin Sartori said...

Hey, Steve. Yeah, you should be good. Just make sure that it says:

LameEnc DLL Version 1.32, (24/09/2008) Engine 3.98

That's the most recent version. If, not extract lame_enc.dll from the archive above and put it in the Audiograbber folder. To get the same results as using --preset fast extreme set the following under Internal Encoder options:

Select Variable Bitrate
Method: Default
Slide that slider all the way to the right (Highest Quality) which selects the -V 0 switch, which is identical to --preset fast extreme
For Quality, select Joint Stereo and High

I should of thought of you trying the internal encoder versus external! Good idea! I wish I could figure out why the external encoder isn't working for you, though...

Steve Engler said...

Well thanks for all the help, I finally got something ripped with the internal encoder.