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Friday, October 17, 2008

Esquivel and His Orchestra - Latin-Esque (1962)

Latin-Esque was Esquivel's third and final collaboration with producer Neely Plumb and engineer John Norman. This was Esquivel's first and only foray into RCA's Stereo Action series. It was through an incredibly innovative system that they achieved complete stereo separation. The original liner notes do an excellent job of explaining the methods used:

"This album represents, to the best of our knowledge, the first time in the history of stereo recording in which absolute separation of channels has been achieved. To accomplish this, the orchestra was separated into two parts - half in Studio 1 and the other half in Studio 2, almost a city block down the long corridor of the RCA building in Hollywood. Through an intricate system of inter-communication by headphones, the musicians were able to hear each other and play together just as if they were all in the same room. The effects are startling, the arrangements are daring, and when an instrument moves from side to side it can literally be said that the motion is almost a block long! Five experimental sessions were held prior to the actual recording dates. At these sessions Esquivel and his producer and engineer tried endless different approaches to various percussion instruments with electronic effects applied to them. A careful book of notes was kept with the best and most convincing effects clearly marked, later to be applied to the actual arrangements by Esquivel himself. Space does not allow the details of the effects themselves, but in LATIN-ESQUE by Esquivel you are sure to hear sounds you have never heard before - sounds your eyes can follow."

Check out this wild music video for "You Belong to My Heart (Solamente una Vez)" that uses drawings done by Sharon Rutledge:

Check out this clip that combines visuals from Animaniacs with the sounds of "Mucha Muchacha":

Esquivel signed to Reprise Records, the Warner Bros. label founded in 1960 by Frank Sinatra, for his next album, 1962's More of Other Worlds, Other Sounds. He then took a five year break from producing studio albums to focus on his live stage show for the Las Vegas/Lake Tahoe circuit. He would eventually return to the studio for two final albums, 1967's The Genius of Esquivel and 1968 Esquivel!!

Latin-Esque was released on CD by BMG Music Spain in 2000.

Esquivel and His Orchestra - Latin-Esque (1962)
1. La Raspa (1:53)
2. Adios, Mariquita Linda (3:17)
3. Jesusita en Chihuahua (2:23)
4. Cachito (Pedacito) (2:26)
5. Latin-Esque (3:07)
6. La Paloma (2:03)
7. Estrellita (2:33)
8. (Oyeme) Cachita (2:26)
9. Jungle Drums (Canto Karabali) (3:56)
10. Mucha Muchacha (2:20)
11. You Belong to My Heart (Solamente una Vez) (2:44)
12. Carioca (1:42)

59MB ZIP archive
MP3: Variable bitrate (267kbps average)
Exact Audio Copy 1.0b3 (Secure mode) w/LAME 3.99.5 (-V0)



Unknown said...

Thank for posting this album and the other Esquivel discs. Love this music.

Anonymous said...

Nice Post. Thanks for sharing this information with us.

Muddy said...
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Muddy said...
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Anonymous said...

Not working today. Please repost this great LP!

Unknown said...

Haha very funny music, here in latin america it's like go to museum, I've just listen to that music in cartoons as you show. Nice blog.

Anonymous said...

hi, kevin!

stumbled over a esquivel post @ the chicos topo blog, there might be something for you, too:

just in case you've missed it!

cheers, lucky :)

Kevin Sartori said...

Thanks, Lucky! Yeah, that's pretty much everything! He's included in print stuff that you can still buy, which I won't post here, but, hey, different strokes...

I'm still planning on uploading rips of the last two Esquivel LPs. New rips direct from CD. I just have to stop being a slacker and get to it!

Camilo Garzón said...

Hey, good post, I've been searching this album for long, long, long time, thank you so much...

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous posting..thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Does anyone know what is the paraphrase to expand this file? Thanks

Kevin Sartori said...

The password is directly below the download link. In case you missed it, it's:

KathyB said...

ESQUIVEL is the absolute best! Thanks for posting!

Dr. Tuxpan said...

Amizing album for an amazing blog. Thank you!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Fidgety said...

thank you very much ^_^ great songs!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to Rapidgator and is available now!

Muddy said...

I'm still enjoying this one. Esquivel is apparently timeless.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much.
Esquivel is lightening up my boring nights in China, my mind is blowing back to Milano, when I used to listen to him ages ago.
Thank you again

Kevin Sartori said...

For improved sound quality, I re-ripped the CD with the latest version of the LAME MP3 encoder. Because Rapidgator has become unreliable, the share has been uploaded to Game Front and is available now!

Muddy said...

I can't tell much of a difference in sound quality from the previous rip... what should I be listening for?
It's still VBR, not 320 - though I know a higher bitrate doesn't always equal better sound quality.
Also, the last track, Carioca, isn't on the new rip.
Thanks for your blog and for helping to keep Esquivel's music alive and present.

Kevin Sartori said...

Hey, Muddy, thanks for the comment.

I've discovered recently that Audiograbber has a nasty habit of trimming more than just digital silence when it "removes silence." A lot of the times, it actually clips a track during the fade out. It's minor and is clipping the audio when it reaches close to silence, but it shouldn't be doing that. Exact Audio Copy doesn't, so you may see as much as a few seconds difference in individual track times.

Although the bitrate is now higher using the latest version of the LAME encoder, the settings are the same so you shouldn't really notice a difference, unless you have "golden ears" (which I certainly don't!).

In switching from Audiograbber to Exact Audio Copy, I was going to re-rip the CD anyway, so I figured it made sense to also use the latest LAME encoder.

Also, I just downloaded the archive myself to double-check and "Carioca" is definitely there. Maybe try downloading it again?

Muddy said...

You're right about Carioca. It was right there in the file, but didn't make it into my player on import, the first time. I should have checked the folder instead of relying on my player. Sorry to inconvenience you.

I don't have golden ears, but I'm told I hear stuff that other people miss until I point it out. I can tell a real difference between cds and some of the great vinyl rips that are available to those with sufficient curiousity.

I did notice that some of the tracks are about 3 seconds longer compared to the previous rip.

Your posts are always enjoyed. Thanks again.

mash said...

Hi Kevin, the download need a password.

Kevin Sartori said...

There is no password for any of the ZIP files on this blog, Luis!

Unknown said...

Hi Kevin!
I can't download the album form gamefront
Could you upload it into another server.

Thank you so much!

Kevin Sartori said...

Fabiola Sosa, I just double-checked and the share is still available. Are they blocking your area? Maybe try again?

Anonymous said...

Do a search for Gangrene Band Performs Esquivel in youtube to see a recent performance in tribute to Esquivel

Kevin Sartori said...

Thanks for the tip! Those guys really put on a show! That would have been incredible to see live!

In a similar vein, do a YouTube search for Mr. Ho's Orchestrotica.

Anonymous said...

The link is dead (March, 1st, 2015)
Could you repost it on any server less then this last one?
Thanks from Brazil
Denys P.R.

Kevin Sartori said...

I just double-checked and the link is still active. Maybe try again?

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin! I´m in Brazil also, and can´t open any upload from that server!(Happended also in the esquivel´s xmas album, and on of viper blues) It would be great if you could sometime re upload it in another one! Anyway, thanks for your work!!

Unknown said...

hi there thx a lot for posting it...however i cant download it..triple checked and it redirects to a diff page.. :(

Kevin Sartori said...

Thanks for the heads up Walberto! Share has been uploaded to and is available now!