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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Scott B. Morton & Michael Verrette - Titan Quest (2007)

In 2006, Iron Lore Entertainment developed Titan Quest, one of the best of the various "Diablo-style" action RPGs. As the player in the game, you travel through three distinct eras, fighting the mythological monsters of Greece, Egypt and China. Composers Scott B. Morton & Michael Verrette were brought in and they created a rousing score that successfully envelops you in the fantastic elements of those three time periods. The skills of jazz vocalist Taunia Soderquist are effectively used for operatic effect on three of the tracks.

In 2007, Iron Lore released a Deluxe Edition of the game that included, among other extras, a soundtrack CD. As this package was limited and Iron Lore has since closed their doors, it seems fair game to post the soundtrack here. The version that I located was ripped by "Monkichi" and includes two bonus suites ripped direct from the game.

For a nice short excerpt of Titan Quest's exciting score, check out the E3 game trailer:

Scott B. Morton & Michael Verrette - Titan Quest (2007)
1. Main Title (2:45)
2. Helos (1:09)
3. Scorched Earth (0:58)
4. The Prophecy (1:46)
5. Arm of the Gods (2:25)
6. Heroes of the Past (0:53)
7. Athens (1:07)
8. Knossos Labyrinth (1:01)
9. Megalesios (1:55)
10. Rhakotis Library (0:59)
11. Abedju (0:49)
12. Memphis (1:19)
13. Giza Plateau (1:13)
14. The Sphinx (1:59)
15. The Great Pyramid (1:25)
16. Aktaios (1:52)
17. Sandswept Roads (2:20)
18. Temple of Hatshepsut (1:48)
19. Hanging Gardens of Babylon (1:09)
20. Temple of Marduk (1:35)
21. The Silk Road (1:06)
22. Ice Caverns (1:18)
23. Over the Great Wall to Chang'an (3:12)
24. Zhidan (1:01)
25. Binxan (1:29)
26. Praying Warrior (4:01)
27. Terra Cotta March (1:09)
28. Jade Palace (2:06)
29. Ormenos (1:40)
30. Road to Olympus (2:27)
31. Battling the Titan (2:26)
32. Finale (1:27)
33. When Gods Fall (Credits) (4:28)
34. Into the Orient (Suite) (3:17)
35. Sands of Egypt (Suite) (4:44)

81.9MB ZIP archive
MP3: 33x Variable bitrate (168.6kbps average)
2x Constant Bitrate (192kbps)



Anonymous said...

Wow, great!! I Have searched this Soundtrack for a long time! Thanks for upping!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so so much!!! I searched this ardouosly and now i found it thanks agian :))

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I love you I've been searching for this music for a long time

Anonymous said...

Hey guy !!!

I am Monkichi who has ripped the original cd !!!

Thanks for crediting me.

Honest dude !!


Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I absolutely ADORE this game and its music! How can you not? Thanks so much! This soundtrack is ridiculously hard to find!

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A big thanks to Monkichi and the uploader! Truly wonderful soundtrack!
Thanks again guys!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you! The Gold Edition CD doesn't have the 2 tracks after "When Gods Fall". Still wish there was a romanization of the lyrics for we English-speakers who might wish to sing along. :P :) But sincerely, THANKS!

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Megaupload banner !!, please upload again in another website >.<, I hope you can doing it. sorry my english very bad

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for 2012 update on mediafire!
music still rocks!

Unknown said...

Does anyone know anything about their musical production? Other than the composers names Scott Morton and Michael Verrette, what instruments were used?