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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Graeme Revell - Until the End of the World (1991) Unreleased Score

If you haven't already seen Wim Wender's futuristic globe-trotting road movie Until the End of the World, you really should. I'm having trouble coming up with a good way to summarize this unique experience, so I'll go with quoting this film's Wikipedia entry: "The film takes place in late 1999; there is an out of control nuclear satellite in orbit that is apt to reenter the atmosphere at any time, contaminating large areas of the earth. This has caused an increasing degree of disorder, with large numbers fleeing the likely impact sites. Amidst a traffic jam, the impatient and disconnected Claire Tourneur (Solveig Dommartin) escapes the congestion by driving off the highway...and subsequently has a couple of odd encounters: first with a pair of bank robbers (which leaves her privy to a large amount of cash and a promised cut of it) and then with a hitchhiker [William Hurt] who is apparently being pursued by at least one armed party. Claire eventually discovers, after falling in love with the enigmatic fugitive, that he is the son of a scientist (played by Max von Sydow) and he has absconded with the working prototype from a secret research project. Multiple government agencies and some freelance bounty hunters are attempting to recover it." Sam Neill also stars. The movie goes on to travel quite a path from this point. It's an ambitious movie with big ideas that runs in three movements, each distinctly different. Released at 158m, the longer 280m Director's Cut requires more patience, but is more rewarding. Either are well worth searching out.

Check out the original theatrical trailer for Until the End of the World (released in Germany as Bis ans Ende der Welt), which, unfortunately, doesn't feature any of the score:

Check out this clip of the opening ten minutes of Until the End of the World. This at least features a little of the score and it does an excellent job of giving an idea of what the rest of this amazing film is like:

Wim Wenders picked his favorite bands and then asked the various musicians (in 1991) to try to imagine what music will sound like in 1999. While the movie itself did not achieve much success at the box office, the soundtrack release was quite popular. It stands as an absolute classic of the 1990s, with an incredible collection of pop songs by a superlative group of artists. I've always believed it was the act of looking forward that lent the music its timeless quality. As great as the album is, though, it has always disappointed me that only four tracks, running a total of 4:24, were included from Graeme Revell's evocative ambient score. I've always wished that a second CD of just the score was included, or released separately, but it never came to be.

About nine months ago, while searching for subtitles on eMule, I noticed a file called "Graeme Revell - Until the End of the World.rar". At about 71MB, I figured that it could easily be the normal soundtrack release encoded at 128kbps, but still, I was excited and tried to grab it. I've been trying on and off for nine months to get that file. It would occasionally show up with one user, but was often unavailable entirely. Even when it did pop up, I just never could get it. It finally occurred to me that through eMule I could start a chat session. Once that one user showed up again, I did so and the nice woman from Spain eventually emailed the tracks to me direct.

With nervous anticipation, I extracted the archives and opened the tracks in Winamp. Bingo! Seventeen years later and my wish came true! Finally, an unedited collection of cues created by Graeme Revell for use in the movie! Revell, formerly of experimental industrial outfit SPK, has created a score that, while electronic in nature, has a symphonic sensibility and manages a wistful poignancy that is quite touching. Revell is ably assisted by the haunting strains of cellist David Darling, with some of the tracks featuring the utterly alien sounds of the Aka Pygmies.

The bitrate of these tracks did end up being 128kbps, with no song title or tag information whatsoever. Listening to this collection of tracks and thinking of the movie, it seems to me that these unnamed tracks are sequenced mostly in the order that they appear in the movie. Although the bitrate is low, the sound quality is quite good. My new Spanish connection couldn't tell me anything about the tracks or even provide a cover. As far as Google's search engine is concerned, this bootleg doesn't even exist. I decided I wanted to make my own cover. Initially, I looked at using the movie poster as a start, but I wanted the cover to recall the original soundtrack release, while being a bit different. Using my three-disc Director's Cut DVD, I located and captured the exact same frame used for the original soundtrack cover. In Photoshop I cropped the image and used the channel mixer option to match the color and then added text that mimics the look of the original cover. I'm proud of the result. At first look, it's still instantly recognizable as Until the End of the World, but closer examination reveals a frame opened up a bit with a sharper, more colorful and deeply saturated image.

Minor Update (June 9, 2008): I was able to add track titles for eleven of the tracks, four from the official soundtrack, which I should have done in the first place, and seven from a bootleg of the proposed two disc soundtrack, eventually whittled down to a single disc. Steve Engler, blogmaster of the excellent Eclectic Synthetic music blog, located an archive of these extra tracks on eMule. I matched the tracks to the untitled cues here. Thanks for the heads up, Steve!

Graeme Revell - Until the End of the World (1991)
1. Until the End of the World Cue 1 (2:32)
2. Until the End of the World Cue 2 (2:33)
3. Until the End of the World Cue 3 (0:36)
4. Until the End of the World Cue 4 (1:44)
5. Until the End of the World Cue 5 (1:43)
6. Driving the Stranger (2:46)
7. Until the End of the World Cue 7 (0:47)
8. Until the End of the World Cue 8 (1:33)
9. Until the End of the World Cue 9 (1:34)
10. Until the End of the World Cue 10 (0:32)
11. Until the End of the World Cue 11 (3:22)
12. Until the End of the World Cue 12 (3:21)
13. Until the End of the World Cue 13 (3:21)
14. Until the End of the World Cue 14 (0:29)
15. Until the End of the World Cue 15 (0:54)
16. Until the End of the World Cue 16 (1:16)
17. Until the End of the World Cue 17 (2:26)
18. Cat and Mouse Chase in Tokyo 1 (1:47)
19. Cat and Mouse Chase in Tokyo 2 (0:49)
20. Cat and Mouse Chase in Tokyo 3 (0:21)
21. The Mountain Inn (1:33)
22. Japanese Herb Garden (2:04)
23. Until the End of the World Cue 23 (0:50)
24. Until the End of the World Cue 24 (0:49)
25. Until the End of the World Cue 25 (0:48)
26. Until the End of the World Cue 26 (2:11)
27. Until the End of the World Cue 27 (2:03)
28. Until the End of the World Cue 28 (0:38)
29. Until the End of the World Cue 29 (0:41)
30. Until the End of the World Cue 30 (0:38)
31. Until the End of the World Cue 31 (0:48)
32. Until the End of the World Cue 32 (1:53)
33. Until the End of the World Cue 33 (1:54)
34. Until the End of the World Cue 34 (1:55)
35. Until the End of the World Cue 35 (1:59)
36. Until the End of the World Cue 36 (7:11)
37. Until the End of the World Cue 37 (0:59)
38. Distorted Dreams (6:54)
39. Until the End of the World Cue 39 (1:29)
40. Opening Titles (1:59)
41. Claire's Theme (0:51)
42. Love Theme (0:44)
43. Finale (0:58)
44. Until the End of the World Cue 44 (2:35)

72.7MB ZIP archive
MP3: Constant bitrate (128kbps)



Anonymous said...

Wow, amazing find! I don't know why Revell doesn't seed this out to the masses himself, there is probably some stupid clause with the film production studio that owns the exlcusive rights of distribution. It should be available though!

Muddy said...

This is very nice, based on hearing just the first few tracks. Now I must watch the movie. Thanks for another great find.

VonCheech said...


Sem Sinatra said...

It was interesting to hear, but I found it pretty unrewarding. I don't think it really works by itself.

Steve Engler said...

I drastically envy you having a longer version of the film on DVD, was it available for US region? By the way, I have the rare recording of the pygmy music, let me know if you'd like a copy.

Anonymous said...

Thanks very much for this. The Pygmies rock. The cello is soothing. Really good background music for a rainy evening.

dysamoria said...

you ROCK!!

i was SO frustrated to not be able to find more of Graeme Revell's great stuff. My only really good item is the Crow Score by Revell. i LOVE Until the End of the World and i am STILL waiting for it to come out in its FULL length, uncut director's edition in the USA. By this point, i'd rather see it on Blu-Ray.

SO MUCH is MISSING from the film in the cut-down version!! It's incredible, still, though!

Thanks for making this available!

Anonymous said...

thank you so so much for this.

killingtheteratoma said...

Once in a while I have this problem when I try and open .rar files that it asks for a password. What is it I need to be doing?

Unknown said...

cheers for this mate - alrx

Anonymous said...

Very nice post indeed. I recently purchased the Director's Cut (available only with German subtitles) but managed to find English subs for the French dialogue (much of which is hilarious) and added those to my backup dvd's of the movie. Too bad there doesn't appear to be an imminent US release of this most excellent version. I already have the soundtrack cd and this unreleased score is a most welcome asset to a classic film collection. Please know that your considerable efforts are most appreciated. Thank you!

Patrick Crowley said...

Thank you sooooooooo much. This is amazing!

I ran across this page totally by accident while looking for album art of the original soundtrack release.

What an extraordinary find. Endless thanks.

thorazine74 said...

Thanks so much from Spain!.
I loved that movie, I wished I have seen the 5 hour version...

Anonymous said...

the link is dead - could anybody re-upload it ?
thanks !

Kevin Sartori said...

I just checked and it's still available at Megaupload! Try again!

Anonymous said...

I've tried many many times during the last few months, but it keeps saying:
"This service is temporarily not available from your service area."
is it on rapidshare ? would anybody kind enough to upload it there ?
it's a shame coz i've been listening to the original soundtrack since it initial release and i collect its various edition but i never heard about these unused tracks - it's like discovering another moon behind us !

Kevin Sartori said...

I did a Google search on your problem and there is a web site called that will create new links from Megupload for those that can't download from there. It's going to ask for the refID for the download, which you can get from the URL of the download link. In this case, the download link is so the refID is:


Give it a try and let me know if you're able to get the file!

Anonymous said...

Thxs a lot man.

Anonymous said...

firstly, thank you very much for this upload, sounds very intriguing!.
secondly, although the link works ok, i can't open the rar file. I get the error message that the password is incorrect. I used the password that appears on this page. What can be the problem?
Thanx, Kate.

Anonymous said...

hi again,
I left a comment earlier today about the password. Well, I obviously did something wrong before, because I tried it again with the same password and it worked! So I've got the music.
Thank you again.

Unknown said...

Great, and thanks, truly...was years I was lokking for a chip way to listen a fantastic inner soundtrack of my suol and journey.

May the peace stay in your heart,


Anonymous said...

This is completely awesome!! I've wanted to get this music for a long time. I found someone who had about 30 tracks but with no title info so I periodically would look around. Tried a different search entry and here I am. Thanks! The music is so ambient in nature. My year is made!

Daniel said...

Amazing find. I've thought about this music for years but never thought I'd find it. I know both the US and director's cuts like the back of my hand, so these are wonderful to have.

Thank you thank you.

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Anonymous said...

Thank You! so much for doing the research and work of putting these links up. I have bought multiple versions of the movie on DVD, but nothing has come close to even the original and has yet to be released in the U.S.
I ahve been haunted by the Aka Pygmies voices from the first time I ever heard them in this film. Just to be able to listen to 2.5 minutes of just their voices made me bookmark your page. I hope Wim Wenders releases the entire film. I, for one, would watch all of it. Regards to you.

Anonymous said...

A kneefall and BIG thanks from Germany for this unbelievable post,it was quite a long way from the cinema 1991, where i saw the movie for the first time to this audio-treasure. Be blessed..

Flying Spaghetti Monster said...

I was lucky enough to be able to see the full 295 minute director's cut this weekend at the AFI Silver in Silver Spring MD. It still amazes me that these mp3's exist of the full score. Amazing discovery.

Craak said...

I'm looking for those tracks.
Anyone have them ?
Pls help me : ]

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to and is available now!

Anonymous said...

Been a fan of this guy since his early industrial days with SPK. Vividly remember his album "The Insect Musicians" - left quite an impression. Now you've got me looking around for it. Thanks for this.

mshinty said...

Hi Kevin! Seem to be unable to download this, was wondering if it's still available. BTW, the download site seems to redirect to some fake flash downloader, which my browser detected as harmful. I'm probably doing something wrong, but I've tried a few things. Thanks for the help!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kevin!, can you re-up this marvelous score?
Thanks in advance aand greatings from Rome!