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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Esquivel - Double Shot!: Infinity in Sound Volume 1 & 2 (1960-1961)

Update 05/26/2009: I've just gotten word that Wounded Bird Records is going to be reissuing both volumes of Infinity in Sound as another twofer CD on 06/09/2009, so I'm removing this share. They've promised it's going to "correct the flaws of the previous CD reissue." I'm not sure what flaws the 1997 CD had, but I can't wait to find out! So if you're a fan, go buy it!

Following his brief stint living in NYC, Esquivel returned to Los Angeles to work for Universal Television creating musical cues for various television shows. He also created the score for TV western The Tall Man. It was in Hollywood that Esquivel teamed up with producer Neely Plumb and engineer John Norman. It was this trio that collaborated to create 1960's Infinity in Sound, 1961's Infinity in Sound Volume 2 and 1962's Latin-Esque. Esquivel signed to Reprise Records, the Warner Bros. label founded in 1960 by Frank Sinatra, for his next album, 1962's More of Other Worlds, Other Sounds. He then took a five year break from producing studio albums to focus on his live stage show for the Las Vegas/Lake Tahoe circuit. He would eventually return to the studio for two final albums, 1967's The Genius of Esquivel and 1968 Esquivel!!

Released in August, 1960, the first volume of Infinity in Sound earned two Grammy nominations, citing Esquivel for Best Orchestra and John Norman for Best Engineering.

Infinity in Sound was popular enough that a second volume was released in April 1961. This period from 1960-1962 is Esquivel at his most creative. The arrangements are quirky and the trademark vocalese is funny and snappy, but this time there is no overt strangeness or weird instrumentation. The music is still "experimental," but not overly so. When the first Esquivel compilations were released in the mid-nineties, they mined most of the material from this period. In many ways, this is quintessential Esquivel.

Innovative comedian Ernie Kovacs was a huge fan of Esquivel and utilized songs from Infinity in Sound Volume 2 for two musical shorts created for his series of monthly half-hour specials for ABC. Here's a short that uses the song "Cherokee":

Here's a short that uses "Jalousie" and "Sentimental Journey":

Infinity in Sound and Infinity in Sound Volume 2 were released on CD as a two-fer by Bar/None Records in 1997.

Esquivel - Infinity in Sound (1960)
1. Softly, As in a Morning Sunrise ("Quedo") (2:23)
2. Music Makers (2:29)
3. My Reverie (3:14)
4. Johnson Rag (2:10)
5. Harlem Nocturne (2:27)
6. Take the "A" Train (2:25)
7. Macarena (La Virgen de la Macarena) (3:11)
8. Autumn Leaves (3:33)
9. Frenesi (2:21)
10. Marie (2:29)
11. Let's Dance (2:39)
12. So Rare (3:16)

Esquivel - Infinity in Sound Volume 2 (1961)
1. Jalousie (Jealousy) (2:33)
2. Time on My Hands (2:26)
3. Bye Bye Blues (2:11)
4. Baía (2:49)
5. Who's Sorry Now? (2:34)
6. Anna (El Negro Zumbon) (2:41)
7. España Cañi (2:11)
8. Sentimental Journey (2:37)
9. Cherokee (3:07)
10. Lullaby of Birdland (2:07)
11. La Bamba (2:07)
12. Limehouse Blues (2:16)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just discovered your blog, it's neatsville!

If you dig Esquivel, you should probably check out some Les Baxter, like his Space Escapade (1958) should be right up your alley, daddy-o--also the album art is like crazy man.

Stay cool.


Lemoncat,, said...

thanx for these two supreme pieces of lovliness.. brilliant :)

Anonymous said...

The full list of Esquivel Reordings:-

Las tandas de Esquivel, RCA Victor (Mexico)MKL 2001
Actual!, RCA Victor (Mexico)MKL-1710
To Love Again, RCA Victor LPM-1345
Other Worlds, Other Sounds, RCA Victor LSP-1753
Four Corners of the World, RCA VictorLSP-1749
Exploring New Sounds in Hi-Fi, RCA Victor LPM-1978 ("In Stereo" on LSP-1978)
Strings Aflame, RCA Victor LSP-1988
(with the Ames Brothers) Hello Amigos, RCA Victor LSP-2100
Infinity in Sound, RCA Victor LSP-2225
Infinity in Sound, Vol. 2, RCA Victor LSP-2296
Latin-esque, RCA Victor LSA-2418
as Living Strings, In A Mellow Mood, RCA Camden CAL/CAS-709
More of Other Worlds and Other Sounds, Reprise RS-6046
The Best of Esquivel, RCA Victor LSP-3502
The Genius of Esquivel, RCA Victor LSP-3697
Space Age Bachelor Pad Music, Bar/None CD
Cabaret Manana, RCA/BMG CD
Music from a Sparkling Planet, Bar/None CD
Exploring New Sounds in Stereo/Strings Aflame, Bar/None CD
Other Worlds, Other Sounds/Four Corners of the World, Bar/None CD
Infinity in Sound, Vols. 1 & 2, Bar/None CD
Merry Xmas From The Space-Age Bachelor Pad
See It in Sound!, BMG/Buddah CD

bravo juju said...

Thanks a lot for this gem.
Just one question: why use a password?

Kevin Sartori said...

Believe it or not, there are actually "music blogs" out there that only post Megaupload or Rapidshare links stolen from other music blogs! They do this without giving proper credit, of course. I've seen sites that lift not only the link, but cut and paste the entire description!

I put the password in as the URL of Psychotic Leisure Music, so that if it gets posted on another site, at least folks will know where it originally came from.

I do this for fun and, of course, for the love of the music. I'm amazed that there are folks out there that would take the time to create a blog, but then contribute nothing original to it.

Anonymous said...

Your growing Esquivel collection is fabulous, and thank you for your great posts in general. You choose wonderful stuff, but the care with which you package it and the detailed annotations you put up are extraordinary and much appreciated--as is your use of link-protected Megaupload.

Bob Thompson! Sound of Speed is available commercially, but the CDs of his other three LPs are out of print and can only be had for much $ from resellers in Japan. A couple of blogs have posted Mmm, Nice and Just for Kicks from vinyl but the rips aren't that clean, and On the Rocks is nowhere to be found.

Any chance you'll be getting to that Las Vegas Part Zero post?

A little thing: when back cover/inside art is available, here's a vote for including it.

Thanks again,

Steve C.

jjjonatron said...

i'm so happy you've finally continued your series of esquivel posts. you are seriously almost the only place i've been able to find esquivel things to download, so i have such infinite thanks for you/to you. more more more esquivel!!

Unknown said...

please mediafire or bandongo!!!

you have very nice music!

Anonymous said...

any idea where "as Living Strings, In A Mellow Mood, RCA Camden CAL/CAS-709" can be obtained, preferably as a download?

Kevin Sartori said...

Yeah, that's a tough one to find. I understand it's really pretty low-key and, as such, doesn't really deserve to be called a proper Esquivel album. But still, I've never heard it either. If you find it, let us know!

Anonymous said...

Very cool, thanks for sharing. If you happen to have an account at - come to visit. Member: beazley.

Thanks. and keep that blog running.

Anonymous said...

man, i've been filling my esquivel collection for years now. you've helped until i can track them down on that synthetic plastic i listen to. thanks man.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your fantastic music taste!! You make a great work uploading these. Please, I'm trying to download it but the link doesn't work, could you fix it?

Kevin Sartori said...

Yeah, unfortunately it's "temporarily unavailable." This happens with Megaupload occasionally. Come back later and try again!

Mudsharkbytes said...

No link remains to this fine post. Any chance of re-upping?

Kevin Sartori said...

Philip, check out the Update 05/26/2009 note at the very beginning of the post for an explanation of why I removed the share...

LAB said...

Great amazing and marvelous!!!