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Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Red Expendables - Red Expendables (1997)

Update 03/02/2012: I've removed the share because this album has been released digitally by Grimmwerks and is available from and iTunes. Show your support by buying it today!

In 1995, Cop Shoot Cop were in the midst of recording their fifth album when frontman Tod A. left to explore different musical territory in the form of Firewater. Having already recorded half an album's worth of material in October 1995, the rest of the band forged on without him, dubbing themselves Red Expendables. The name is a reference to the original Star Trek TV series, as it was always that extra unknown red-shirted crew member in the landing party that didn't make it back...

In December 1995, Natz ("low-end bass"), Jim Coleman (sampler, piano), Phil Puleo (drums, sample percussion) and newcomer Michael Kaminski (guitar, percussion) entered the studio to finish up the album. While they retained Tod A.'s "high-end bass" playing for tracks 4, 5, 7-10 and 13, they understandably removed his distinctive vocals. Previously occasional vocalist Natz stepped up to write and provide full-time vocals. Phil Puleo's grandfather, Paul Puleo, Sr., provides odd narration for the two short tracks 1 and 12. Interscope passed on releasing the album, which was eventually released by GrimmWerks in 1997. The new outfit only produced the one album before dissolving. Jim Coleman and Phil Puleo are currently members of The Children. Micheal Kaminski is unfortunately having a tough time and recently attempted to rob a video store with a concealed cologne bottle, catching a beating in the process. Funny, but sad.

Red Expendables - Red Expendables (1997)
1. (Paul Pauli...) (0:23)
2. Fascinated (4:12)
3. So Sincere (4:37)
4. Bellevue Girls (3:10)
5. Room (3:37)
6. Zagreb (2:37)
7. Downtime (4:11)
8. Palookaville (3:32)
9. Tightrope (3:33)
10. One Regret (2:45)
11. Only Asking (3:42)
12. (...Paul Pauli) (0:33)
13. Pushing Overload (3:54)


Anonymous said...

Hey man! I just stumbled across your blog, and really look forward to exploring it. The Red Expendable album looks great. I've been a fan of both CSC and Firewater, and actually haven't heard about this album till now. However, MegaUpload tells me the file is temporarily (?) unavailable. Do you know anything about this?
Greetings from Norway.

Anonymous said...

Nevermind. It's working again. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Holy Crap!

Thank You!!!

love the cop shoot cop - love the Firewater - and i didn't know about this....


Anonymous said...

on the 2nd track and it sounds pretty good so far. Thanks!

is me said...

You can always go to and there's a link to get the CD or iTunes versions. Phil used to have physical copies, but not any more... CD Baby now... You can also find a few other rarities as well as Phil Puleo's solo stuff there so it's well worth the look.

Oh, and nice Blog post about the RedEx! Had a copy when it was first released and used to play it on KUNM all the time. Wrote a review for the Alibi too... you should hear the original versions before Tod bailed though... A couple songs that never made it to the RedEx versions that would've been the break out hits - more than $10 Bill!

Anyway, if you don't know that site, it's a wealth of Cop Trivia and current updates on some of the guys still in the NYC area.


Kevin Sartori said...

Thanks for the comment, is me. I just saw Firewater in Boston. What a great show!

Man, I would love to hear a bootleg of those final Cop Shoot Cop sessions! Any chance you still have that?

Michael Kaminski said...

Hey man,Its Michael Kaminski(former Red Ex). I am doing much better than I was last winter-(over 9 months clean off of dope.Thanks for the interest.I do agree that its a fucking shame this wasnt released with any support.Todd-I dont resent you,although I sometimes want to.Anyone who would like to get in touch with me Ja,underscores und all. Peace,M.K.

Kevin Sartori said...

Michael, thanks for stopping in and giving us an update! I'm glad that things are headed in the right direction for you! Stay strong, dude.

The Unlikely Gentleman said...

Hey, does anyone know what Natz is up to? He was a friend of my mothers. He bought me my first bass... I actually was in that studio for a bit while they were recording this album. he fell off my radar a few years back. I occasionally worry he's dead in a gutter somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Hey Man, I heard Mike Kaminski is doing really good and performing in cities like Columbus, Chicago, Detroit, Cleveland and Pittsburg. We are glad he is doing better and we are pulling for him.

Anonymous said...

Where is Kaminski located now? I heard he has left Ohio...good for him...he's cool.

Anonymous said...

I think mk is in a band called steel tigers of death based out of seattle.

Ian Giedrojć said...

Wow. I can't believe I finally got this! Thanks for this album so much! This is a gem for any CSC fan.