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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Steve Fisk - 448 Deathless Days (1987)

Steve Fisk is known mostly for being a talented producer, having manned the knobs for such varied acts as Nirvana, Screaming Trees, Soundgarden, Beat Happening, The Posies, Soul Coughing and Low. I grabbed this CD because I recognized his name as the producer for both of the Geraldine Fibbers albums. Aside from releasing three solo albums, Fisk's work has included membership in the bands Pell Mell and Pigeonhed.

448 Deathless Days is a cut-up pastiche that runs in and out and all over. For his first solo effort, Steve Fisk composes, arranges and assembles the proceedings, while contributing "grand piano, optigan, sampler, synth, drum box, & tape manipulation." Utilized at various points during the production of this album are several SST label cohorts that include eight guitarists, three bassists, a couple of keyboardists and a violinist. Electronics, found narrative samples and indie rock collide in a way that is rather unique and enjoyable. I bought this album years ago not knowing what to expect, but have found it to be a journey that is strangely compelling and oddly fulfilling every time I give it a spin.

Check out the music video for "No 2nd Chance," the visual style of which does a nice job of matching the album's editing ethic:

Steve Fisk - 448 Deathless Days (1987)
1. Invocation (0:48)
2. No 2nd Chance (6:39)
3. Ragged Old Flag (1:52)
4. Weekend Review (2:41)
5. Diamond Club (2:18)
6. Oh Little Seeds (2:22)
7. Johnny Smoke (Swamp Thing) (4:19)
8. Emerging Nation (4:15)
9. Trasheap (4:15)
10. Further Demo of an Assist (4:48)
11. Break on Thru (4:18)
12. Tongues (3:19)
13. Soul of Spain (4:16)
14. Tragedy at Sea (3:28)
15. This Vacuum (4:18)
16. Chakiri Bushi (2:39)
17. She Walks (5:16)
18. Barretta (2:42)
19. To Abide in the Flesh (1:08)
20. Priorities (5:19)

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Unknown said...

Thanks for this, I'm still shocked by this awesome blog.
Hey bloggers i’m sorry to post this here but i'm desperate.
Do you know this song?
Is a missing track about the year 1986, some information of this song is welcome (if is possible some clue or a extract of the lyrics).
Pages like this is my only hope.
(I will pay 10 dollars for the title and artist information) ;)

Anonymous said...

This isn't Fisk's first solo album. According to wikipedia, he released 3 cassette-only albums on K Records before this--but even before those, around 1981, he had an album of ambient music out on a small Seattle label.

--Robert (who used to live in Seattle)

Kevin Sartori said...

Nice! Thanks for the info! See, that's what I get for overly relying on for info...

Have you run across rips of those early cassette releases anywhere online?

Anonymous said...

Fisk's work can be had from K records website. Over and Thru The Night is a collection of some of the cassette-only work. Check it out!

Douchess of York said...

Thanks for Fisk!


David said...

Hi- Sorry, I'm having trouble with your the password. Any suggestions?

Kevin Sartori said...

David, did you read the Please Read This First section at the top of the page? There are some helpful hints there. Let me know if that doesn't work...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this - been on the lookout for a digital copy ever since I stumbled across the LP a couple of years back...

Anonymous said...

great blog indeed!
and other users info contributions are awsome!
b.t.w, anyone has a another fisk's treasures? iv'e been looking everywhere! thanx.

Pat said...

thank you kevin, great stuff!


Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this music.I was looking for information of Steve Fisk because I have discovered him recently on Sub Pop#5 casette, where he recorded the song Digital Alarm which sounds very interesting(I'm new listening this kind of music).Then I found out your blog. Let me tell you that it's fantastic! I'll be here for a while exploring and discovering some interesting sounds.Thanks and greetings from Mexico.

Anonymous said...

Still available. He may be known for many other things, but I'll always remember Steve's name associated with Pell Mell - a much underappreciated band.