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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chris Haskett - Language (1995)

Guitarist (and photographer) Chris Haskett started his professional music career in 1977 as a member of The Enzymes. After leaving DC to relocate to Leeds, England in 1982, he formed Surfin Dave and the Absent Legends with Surfin Dave, Dave Coleman, Jez Willis and Mick Green. Mick Green and Chris Haskett hooked up with Henry Rollins to record Rollins' Hot Animal Machine LP and Drive By Shooting EP in 1987. Mick Green split, but they picked up the rhythm section from Greg Ginn's instrumental group Gone. With Andrew Weiss on bass and Sim Cain on drums, Chris Haskett and Henry Rollins formed Rollins Band, one of the greatest live rock bands of all time.

After releasing several incredible albums, including the seminal Life Time in 1987, the sonic assault Hard Volume in 1989 and the crossover success The End of Silence in 1992, Haskett released his first solo album, Language, in 1995. I could describe the sound of the album, but Haskett does a better job describing it himself at his web site:

It was recorded all over the place at different times and mixed on the fly. It's deliberately what I might call "unfriendly-psychedelic" and its overall sound is shaped by a lack of audio fidelity and consistency. It's mostly acoustic and very, very angular-warpy. It's what the inside of my head sounds like. Overall it's a kind of a collision between John Fahey and John McLaughlin sprinkled liberally with my lack of the technique of either of these giants of my universe. (Hence the meant-as-tribute-track "J.F.'s cat sits in the sunshine").

Underground guitar hero Rowland S. Howard (of The Birthday Party, These Immortal Souls and solo releases) sits in for some "enhanced duets" on tracks 2 through 5. There is also viola work by John Benskin and cello work by Adrienne Gifford. This wild album also features the voices (not vocals) of Tom Berard, Joe Cole, J.M. Conroy, Carla Petschek, Henry Rollins, Kate Samworth, Nicky Thomas, Tina Van Der Stratten "and a lot of strangers than fiction."

Chris Haskett went on to release two other solo albums in 1997 and 2002. He's also worked on and off with rolling collective Pigface and also with David Bowie on his Hours album. Most recently, he's released another solo album The Return of the Geary Act! under the name DJ Linux in 2004. If you enjoy his more conventional rock guitar work in Rollins Band or if you enjoyed my Guitarrorists posting, then you'll probably find this interesting. This album was released in 1995 on Rollins' 2.13.61 label and re-released by Thirsty Ear in 1996. This is a rip of the original 1995 release. Also, be sure to check out Chris Haskett's MySpace page.

Chris Haskett - Language (1995)
1. Rumour (4:55)
2. Spider Mother (2:15)
3. Mr. Twisty Wants His Car Wreck (3:05)
4. Days in a Lifeboat (2:55)
5. Invisible Western (3:24)
6. Angular Piece (2:34)
7. Lost Dog (2:11)
8. Railroad Piece (3:07)
9. Samael (1:03)
10. John's Cat Sits in the Sunshine (1:39)
11. Berlin Alley Soundtrack (4:08)
12. Tina's Penguin Fiancé (2:33)
13. Retail (2:56)
14. Language (4:35)
15. The Unanswered Question (6:22)
16. Be Thankful (1:09)
17. Translation (2:01)

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Beforehead grateful,Aleksandar.

Unknown said...

Aleksander, I've uploaded both of those albums over on the requests thread of 'They called it good at the time'

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kevin Sartori for this unusual work :) Interesting to hear instruments like these used in this manner. Am used to the more harsh industrial sound where actual sledge hammers, drills etc are being used. Great pieces i especially love Rail Road Piece,Berlin Alley Soundtrack, The Unanswered Question.

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Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

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