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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Geraldine Fibbers - Butch (1997)

Update 02/26/2012: Because this album can now be purchased digitally from, 7digital and iTunes, I have removed the share. Support the artists by buying your copy today!

Between the release of their first album Lost Somewhere Between the Earth and My Home and Butch, their second and final album, guitarist Daniel Keenan left The Geraldine Fibbers. This left a hole in the band that was ably filled by improv guitar god Nels Cline. The difference this makes in the band's sound is evident almost immediately. Some of the songs have a harder and more aggressive sound than anything we'd heard previously. Other songs show the band stretching musically. Their condensing of Can's epic "You Doo Right" is incredible. Check out the music video for "California Tuffy," which in a sane world would have been a hit, but wasn't:

Label problems caused tensions that contributed to their break-up. There has been talk for years that this is merely a hiatus and that the band may eventually reform, but so far this hasn't happened and at this point seems unlikely. In 1998, Carla Bozulich and Nels Cline formed Scarnella, a two-piece improvisational noise outfit that toured and managed one release. Carla has also appeared in numerous other side projects, including an album with Ches Smith (still unreleased) and The Night Porter, along with releasing a few solo albums. Nels has released several solo and collaborative albums and is now a member of Wilco. Drummer Kevin Fitzgerald plays with singer/songwriter Eleni Mandell and is also a member of The Circle Jerks.

The Geraldine Fibbers - Butch (1997)
1. California Tuffy (3:16)
2. Toybox (3:11)
3. I Killed the Cuckoo (2:09)
4. Trashman in Furs (3:40)
5. Swim Back to Me (3:23)
6. Seven or in 10 (2:23)
7. Claudine (2:17)
8. Folks Like Me (3:28)
9. Pet Angel (3:36)
10. Butch (6:07)
11. Arrow to My Drunken Eye (2:28)
12. You Doo Right (5:19)
13. The Dwarf Song (5:08)
14. Heliotrope (6:07)


Unknown said...

Been around the world looking for this woman!
Tanx a lot!
For both CDs

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

kristy p. said...

i really appreciate you putting this up!! :) thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, very much! I haven't heard this album in forever! Looking forward to it! Thank you!


sharkattacksteve said...


NormanBates said...

Hello ! Since you've suggested it, I'd be very much interested in your re-uploading "Butch", as I can't play my old K7 version of it. Would that be of any inconvenience? Congrats on your blog by the way, great job!

donald.barthelme said...

First off -- thanks for all the music. Great work!


How is Butch not recognized as one of the decade's greatest records? It's definitely in my top-ten favorites of the '90s; and so it should be in everybody's. (I'm kidding.)


The problem is that I can't find it available anywhere as anything but MP3 files.

I have a copy on my computer, compressed to 224 kbps (VBR). But I'm ridiculously obsessive about this stuff and would do anything to get my hands on a lossless version. Does such a thing exist?

At one point I owned the real thing, a certified shrink-wrapped CD. But I lost it somewhere along the way, clueless that it might go out of print. Can I ever get it -- or its digital twin -- back?

Kevin Sartori said...

donald.barthelme, if you go to, you can pick up a used CD of Butch for only three or four bucks shipped. That's probably your best bet if you want to own the original. Good luck!