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Saturday, April 07, 2007

René Halkett & David J - Nothing . Armour (1981)

While still a member of the preeminent gothic rock band Bauhaus, David J had the brilliant idea to collaborate with René Halkett, artist/poet of the Weimar Bauhaus art school in the 1920s.

On July 28th, 1980, David took a trip to René's cottage in Cornwall. Using a portable cassette recorder, he recorded an 80 year old René reciting his own poetry. In 1981, David added musical accompaniment to two of the poems and released them as a one-off single for 4AD.

I stumbled across this valuable single at a record convention when I was 19 or so. I think I paid four bucks. My buddy has his turntable set up for ripping vinyl to his computer. Before heading over there, I figured I'd look on Soulseek to see if someone had beat me to it. I found the two tracks, plus three extras!

It turns out that in 2001 this single was re-released as a Silver Anniversary CD, signed and numbered, limited to only 1000 copies. The two original tracks, "Nothing" and "Armour," are remastered and then followed by a newer track, presumably circa 2001. "The New God" is a longer narrative piece that was also recorded that day in 1980. In a fitting touch, David created the music with the help of a lute that he inherited from René when he passed away in 1983. As a final bonus, the original spoken word cassette recordings of "Nothing" and "Armour" are included. Although David's surname appears here as Jay, for consistency's sake I've tagged his name as David J, the name he's used for all subsequent releases in his career.

René Halkett & David J - Nothing . Armour (1981)
1. René Halkett / David J - Nothing (2:22)
2. René Halkett / David J - Armour (2:50)
3. René Halkett / David J - The New God (13:23)
4. René Halkett - Nothing (2:26)
5. René Halkett - Armour (2:53)

43.9MB ZIP archive
MP3: Constant bitrate (256kbps w/LAME)



Anonymous said...

Kevin, great share! :)

Anonymous said...

Megaupload? No, tanks!

Kevin Sartori said...

Wow, great comment! Thanks for the input! I use Megaupload because it's simple and they don't make you click through a bunch of screens to download a file. Plus, they allow archives bigger than 100MB and they don't delete my files after five days of inactivity. I personally haven't had any problems with Megaupload. Do you have a better suggestion?

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot!!!!
When i first heard this song "armour" on th 4ad compilation 25 years ago or so, i chilled!
Fantastic offer Kevin...
Megaupload is ok for me. :)

Anonymous said...

megaupload is the best but this link protector thing you use better make you a ton of cash because it is a real pain! The worst part is it doesn't even protect your link. The link is displayed on the f'ing megaupload page for any enterprising fiend to copy!

Kevin Sartori said...

I absolutely do not make any money by using Link-Protector! I use it, honestly, because the extra step or two it takes to find out the "real" Megaupload link address seems to be enough to foil the annoying griefers who report links. Believe me, it's a pain for me too! Link-Protector doesn't work in all parts of the world and I have to reply to email requests from one or two people every day with the direct Megaupload download link! It's a lot of extra work, but it's less work than re-uploading 18 albums that some f'n griefer had Megaupload delete because it was easy.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks so much. Really excited to hear this!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much - I had this single Nothing/Armour in the eighties and used Nothing as the soundtrack for a slide piece I made at Middlesex Poly art foundation course in 87. Been wanting to hear it again for years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kevin,
Got the single when it came out but haven't heard it for ages. Was intending to rip it but never got around to it. Extra stuff a bonus.

Håkan said...

I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING THIS!!! (seriously, I went bonkers when I found this by accident...)

Thank you very much. And megaupload rocks.
And It looks like Im gonna have a really good time looking through the rest of your blog! :D

Luc Pelletier said...

Incredible! I was looking for this 10 years ago and couldn't find it anywhere. Now I stumble on it on your page! Thank you so much!!!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful stuff. I have seen R. Halkett and David J on you tube, it's just excellent. In the early 90s I saw a beautiful painting by Rene Halkett dated 1960/61 I think, but obviously, at that moment I didn't have the money to buy it. I wonder for how much it is now!!

Regards, Louis

KarlP said...

Thanks a lot for this, and the more extensive background story. I found this song via and just loved it, really happy to have found the whole record!