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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Cop Shoot Cop - Ask Questions Later (1993)

It was with their third album that Cop Shoot Cop approached mainstream success. I can still remember my amazement that "Room 429" and "$10 Bill" were getting (granted, sporadic) airplay on the local corporate "alternative rock" radio station. This album is so damn good. It's that rare achievement when a band's commercial success comes at the same moment that they reach the apex of their abilities as a musical unit.

In 1992, Cop Shoot Cop landed a deal with major label Interscope, who issued the Suck City EP four months prior to releasing the Ask Questions Later album. As I did when compiling Consumer Revolt, I was tempted to place the earlier EP release first. I decided not to, but I'm still of two minds on this. The Suck City EP features the first version of "Nowhere." By placing the Suck City EP after the Ask Questions Later LP, the first version of "Nowhere" plays after the album version that appeared later. So why didn't I just place the Suck City EP tracks first? Because "Surprise, Surprise" is such a strong opener that I hated to dilute its power by making it the fifth track in the set. Also, I should note that track fourteen, the final track on the album, is a hidden bonus track that I've called "Untitled."

As a final bonus, I've rounded out this posting with the two b-sides from the Room 429 CD5. First is Ask Questions Later outtake "Fragment," followed by "Shine On Elizabeth." Originally the opening track on their first release, the Headkick Facsimile EP, this version is from "a live taping by A. V. M. S. for Breaking the Barrier video magazine."

Check out the Breaking the Barrier clip of "Shine On Elizabeth":

A promo clip was actually produced for "$10 Bill". The concept of which appears to be "let's get some midgets and go to Mexico!":

As a measure of how modern and timeless their music is, Nike used the song "Migration" in their 2005 Nike Pro Line "For Warriors" commercial. Check it out:

Cop Shoot Cop - Ask Questions Later (1993)
1. Surprise, Surprise (4:55)
2. Room 429 (5:07)
3. Nowhere (4:08)
4. Migration (1:23)
5. Cut to the Chase (4:04)
6. $10 Bill (3:43)
7. Seattle (1:34)
8. Furnace (4:54)
9. Israeli Dig (2:06)
10. Cause and Effect (3:12)
11. Got No Soul (5:14)
12. Everybody Loves You (2:32)
13. All the Clocks Are Broken (4:17)
14. Untitled (2:09)
From Suck City CD5 (1992):
15. Nowhere (4:34)
16. Days Will Pass (4:00)
17. We Shall Be Changed (4:57)
18. Suck City (2:25)
From Room 429 CD5 (1993):
19. Fragment (1:56)
20. Shine On Elizabeth (3:06)

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Anonymous said...

CSC rock too much!
Nice article btw.

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome album that when it first came out I listened repeatedly back to back with Shellac's 'Action Park'.

Great site dude.

Roots said...

Cool post man! I got Cop Shoot Cop through and saw Tod A's Firewater twice this year.


bobbysu said...

very good album

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have been trying to track down Room 429 forever! xoxox

Anonymous said...

Thanks soooo much. Love C$C. Only got to see them once, Release tour. Always seemed to miss them in town by a day or 2. Lost a fiance in the process of going to the show, but hell at least i got to see C$C at least once. Was worth it. Thanks for uploading this. This is the only album I don't have on CD. Too lazy to rip it from cassette.

eyevocal said...

The mix of "We Shall Be Changed" is different from the one I have on the Big Cat UK CD EP of Suck City. The tape isn't started on the opening hit, the monologue in the bridge isn't treated, and Phil isn't playing 16ths on the metal during this part. Here's this version:

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Anonymous said...

Downloaded a few albums from your blog. Thanks, your work is appreciated and made me happy today :)

Anonymous said...

Just found a sealed copy of this on vinyl pretty stoked.

Kevin Sartori said...


Unknown said...

i can't believe this download is still available after all this time! thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the CSC albums - my copies were lost to the three-moves-equals-a-fire quotient. Most of the guys in the band were big jerks, but their shows were intense and the graphics of their gig posters (as with their albums), which were gigantic on the walls of E. Village buildings, were jarringly designed.