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Friday, January 19, 2007

Cop Shoot Cop - Consumer Revolt (1990)

If you're a fan of Firewater (and you should be), then you are already familiar with Tod A.'s wry sense of humor. Previous to Firewater, Tod A. was in Cop Shoot Cop. Their initial line-up included Tod A. (vocals and high-end bass), James Coleman (sampler), Natz (low-end bass, occasional vocals), David Ouimet (sampler) and Phil Puleo (metal, drums). An unconventional composition considering that there are no traditional guitars! The music is post-punk indie, with a dash of industial electronica. Blah blah blah. Actually, think cynical booze-soaked narratives, amid a backwash of hard-driving rhythms, clanging percussion and catchy "high-end bass" hooks. Down and Out in NYC, to be sure.

While their name evokes the image of one police officer firing on another, lead singer Tod A. insists that the name sums up the life of a junkie: Cop dope, Shoot dope, Cop dope, ad nauseum.

Cop Shoot Cop is one of my favorite bands and they seem to be mostly unknown. I decided that the best way to present this material was chronologically. Their first release was the 12" EP Headkick Facsimile. That was followed by a 7" EP called Piece Man.

The thing about that single is that the sleeve is sprayed with actual pig's blood. The rumour at the time went that a live pig was strung up with all of the record sleeves laid out below. The band slit the poor pig's throat and then spun it, the gushing blood evenly spraying the record sleeves on the floor. Clever marketing, of course, as much later the band admitted that they purchased the pig's blood and sprayed it on by hand.

The album Consumer Revolt followed. Both "Smash Retro!" and "Fire in the Hole" appeared on that album in the exact same versions as those released on Headkick Facsimile. Headkick Facsimile and Piece Man are both vinyl rips that I did years ago. I replaced those two tracks with the versions from the CD for better sound quality. The two versions of "Disconnected 666" and "Eggs for Rib" are different recordings and so each appear twice. Finally, this collection ends with the track "Dive," taken from Matador Records' New York Eye and Ear Control compilation CD.

I apologize for the the quality of the cover image. Consumer Revolt was originally a small press release by Circuit Records in 1990. Following Cop Shoot Cop's signing to Big Cat for their next album, 1991's White Noise, Big Cat reissued Consumer Revolt in 1992 with a new cover. I used to own the first pressing of the CD with the original cover, but it was unfortunately stolen years ago. I replaced it with the Big Cat reissue. As I don't have the original version, I couldn't do a scan. I tweaked the brightness and contrast of the only decent scan I could find online. The reissue cover isn't bad, it's just that when I think of this album, I'll always think of that original cover.

Cop Shoot Cop - Consumer Revolt (1990)
From Headkick Facsimile 12" EP (1989):
1. Shine On Elizabeth (2:43)
2. Mistake (3:43)
3. Smash Retro! (1:41)
4. Triumphal Theme (2:47)
5. Lie (2:47)
6. Fire in the Hole (3:14)
From Piece Man 7" EP (1989):
7. Rbt. Tilton Handjob (3:29)
8. Disconnected 666 (2:43)
9. Eggs for Rib (Speedway) (5:11)
From Consumer Revolt CD (1990):
10. Lo.Com.Denom. (2:21)
11. She's Like a Shot (3:47)
12. Waiting for the Punchline (3:47)
13. Disconnected 666 (2:18)
14. Burn Your Bridges (5:01)
15. Consume (1:10)
16. Pity the Bastard (4:08)
17. Down Come the Mickey (3:41)
18. Hurt Me Baby (1:31)
19. System Test (2:32)
20. Eggs for Rib (5:02)
From New York Eye and Ear Control compilation CD (1990):
21. Dive (3:54)

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Glenn Baskin said...

Thanks great live band excellent stuff

carl said...

you keep posting them..i'll keep linking...they should be more widely known...!

Anonymous said...

Boooo!! lol Hey, I can't love them all! =)

Kevin Sartori said...

Don't give up yet! Their later material is more accessible than this. Their third album, Ask Questions Later, in particular is much more polished and is even, dare I say it, radio friendly...

Unknown said...

holy crap, this is so awesome. thank you for uploading as it brings back many fond memories of getting my ears blasted out as a teenager. *sigh* I think I have a Missing Foundation cd around if you're interested.

Anonymous said...

Well, thanks a lot, these three vinyls are almost unbyable. I'll keep on searching.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks so much for posting the Headkick Facsimile ep. It was the missing piece that I have been searching a long time for. Cheers to you !

Anonymous said...

A creative band with attitude I cant help feeling CSC suffered for their provocative name. They deserved to be widely known. And still do..... You're doing the work of a real fan. Keep it up.

Edward III said...

just wanted to point out that the version of "smash retro" on headkick facsimile is *not* identical to the version on consumer revolt - the LP version is missing the led zep sample at the end of the song. thanks for posting the rare stuff but why not put up all the original tracks?

Kevin Sartori said...

I guess I'm confused, Edward III. Are you saying that the version of "Smash Retro" on the Headkick Facsimile EP doesn't have the Led Zep sample? Because the version on Consumer Revolt definitely does. The version that I'm presenting here was taken off the Consumer Revolt CD for better sound quality and it definitely has the Led Zep sample at the end. Although you feel that I didn't include "all the original tracks," that's not true. I don't see the point of including duplicates for two of the songs. And to my ears (and the liner notes), they're exact duplicates. My assumption when putting this together was that folks would treat this compilation as one big "album" and listen to it straight and having those duplicate tracks in there would be annoying. 'Course, if you really want them there, you can copy the tracks and resequence it yourself ;)

RHQ said...

Saw CSC twice here in London, both among the best gigs I ever attended - once with Soul Coughing in support at The Garage, once in The Marquee playing to an audience of about 40 people. Thanks very much for sharing this stuff - been looking for "Headkick" for years, and must confess I never did think much of Firewater in comparison.

moju said...

thanks for all the CSP albums, that will replace my old tapes... saw them live back in 92 and 93. At that time I had no money to buy their albums, now I have, but they're hard to find. I love internet (sometimes)

Obscure Reference said...

Thanks for posting all the EPs and singles! Now I don't have to worry about wearing out my cassette of Headkick Facsimile anymore!

Oddly enough, my tape is the later version that includes "Robert Tilton Handjob" as a bonus, and the version of "Smash Retro!" on there does have the Led Zep sample. I don't know about the version on the 12-inch, though...

Anonymous said...

thanx a lot_pxxx

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!