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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Nemuri Kyoshiro Anthology 1 (1963-1966)

From 1963 to 1969, Raizô Ichikawa starred as the popular hero Nemuri Kyoshiro in a series of twelve films produced by Daiei. Set during the Tokugawa (or Edo) Period (1603-1867), Nemuri Kyoshiro is a cynical ronin who was the product of a dark secret; his Japanese mother was raped by a foreigner. Driven by his hatred of Christianity and the society in which he lives, he seeks only a perfect death. Pity the enemies who come up against his Engetsu-Sappo ("The Full Moon Cut") technique. Nemuri begins by drawing a circle with his sword. By the time the circle is completed, his enemy is slain.

Check out this sequence from the one of the Nemuri Kyoshiro films:

This is the first in King Records' two volume Nemuri Kyoshiro soundtrack series. This release includes compositions by Taichiro Kosugi, Ichiro Saito and Akira Ifukube. Unfortunately, I only have access to this first disc, so I won't be posting the second. This release covers the music from the first six films in the series. Coincidentally, AnimEigo managed to release only the first six in the series, so it's a good match for what was officially released in the US. I used the song title translations as listed on this release's page over at Godzilla Monster Music. I double-checked the punctuation with the disc tray and made some minor changes. In the comment tag field, I place the Japanese film title and included the English title, matching AnimEigo's translation.

Nemuri Kyoshiro Anthology 1 (1963-1966)
1. Taichiro Kosugi - Musical Suite (Daiei Logo Mark ~ Main Title ~ Kyoshiro and Muso Masamune) (2:10)
2. Ichiro Saito - Musical Suite (Kyoshiro Remembers Christian Hill ~ Kyoshiro in Desperation ~ The Full Moon Cut) (3:23)
3. Ichiro Saito - DB TOP (Daiei Logo Mark ~ Main Title) (1:05)
4. Ichiro Saito - DB2 (Murder in the Streets) (0:32)
5. Ichiro Saito - DB20 (Kyoshiro Violates Onami) (1:06)
6. Ichiro Saito - DB39 (Takayuki Katagiri: Villainy) (0:41)
7. Ichiro Saito - DB46 (Takebe Kogen and Taju) (1:32)
8. Ichiro Saito - DB48 (Fight Scene on the Bridge) (1:51)
9. Ichiro Saito - DB49 (The Full Moon Cut: Kyoshiro vs. Takayuki Katagiri) (0:31)
10. Ichiro Saito - DB50 (Ending) (0:48)
11. Ichiro Saito - DB1 A (Daiei Logo Mark ~ Main Title ~ The Bathroom) (2:04)
12. Ichiro Saito - DB28 (Princess Kiku: Love and Hatred) (0:43)
13. Ichiro Saito - DB33 (Kyoshiro: Orders to Kill ~ Kyoshiro and the Puppy) (0:53)
14. Ichiro Saito - DB37 (Christians in Hiding ~ Believers Arrested ~ Kyoshiro vs. Takebe Kogen) (3:59)
15. Ichiro Saito - DB40 (Hirusen Shima ~ Black Mass: The Secret of Kyoshiro's Birth) (4:09)
16. Ichiro Saito - DB41 (Ending) (0:42)
17. Ichiro Saito - DB1 (Daiei Logo Mark - Main Title) (1:15)
18. Ichiro Saito - DB11 (Parade in the Center of Town) (1:34)
19. Ichiro Saito - DB20 (Kyoshiro Meets Oryo) (1:38)
20. Ichiro Saito - DB22 (Attack of the Todo Clan) (1:58)
21. Ichiro Saito - DB21 Second Half C (Kyoshiro and Oryo Say Goodbye) (0:51)
22. Ichiro Saito - DB24 (Deceptive Peace) (1:09)
23. Ichiro Saito - DB35 A (Kyoshiro Fight Scene: The Higaki Family Temple) (4:22)
24. Ichiro Saito - DB36 (Kyoshiro and Kayo) (2:37)
25. Ichiro Saito - DB38 (Ending) (0:18)
26. Ichiro Saito - DB1 (Daiei Logo Mark ~ Rainy Night ~ Main Title) (1:54)
27. Ichiro Saito - DB2 (The Masked Woman) (2:32)
28. Ichiro Saito - DB11 (Jokanji Temple: Kyoshiro vs. Monbu Saburota) (0:49)
29. Ichiro Saito - DB19 (Kyoshiro Heads to the Iwashiro Clan) (0:29)
30. Ichiro Saito - DB30 (Kyoshiro and Orin) (1:24)
31. Ichiro Saito - DB41 (Kyoshiro: Fight Scene at the Five-Story Pagoda) (2:00)
32. Ichiro Saito - DB42 (The Full Moon Cut: Kyoshiro vs. Akashi Gunbei) (2:41)
33. Ichiro Saito - DB43 (Ending) (0:47)
34. Akira Ifukube - DB1 B (Daiei Logo Mark ~ The Dance of Princess Kiku ~ Main Title) (2:04)
35. Akira Ifukube - DB4 (Reminiscing: Kyoshiro and Princess Kiku) (1:23)
36. Akira Ifukube - DB5 (The Maiden Haru) (0:53)
37. Akira Ifukube - DB8 (Bizarre Murder(s)) (0:46)
38. Akira Ifukube - DB11 (The Full Moon Cut: At the Akamatsu Dojo) (0:47)
39. Akira Ifukube - DB13 (A Woman Pursued) (0:24)
40. Akira Ifukube - DB14 (The Full Moon Cut: Kyoshiro vs. Akamatsu Kanbei) (0:46)
41. Akira Ifukube - DB20 (Kidnapping) (1:06)
42. Akira Ifukube - DB26 (Kyoshiro and Ohisa) (2:19)
43. Akira Ifukube - DB27 (Gusty Gang No. 17) (0:29)
44. Akira Ifukube - DB29 (Princess Kiku and Tenba) (0:53)
45. Akira Ifukube - DB31 (Princess Kiku's Mansion) (0:52)
46. Akira Ifukube - DB35 (Ending) (0:54)

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Audiograbber 1.83.1 w/LAME 3.97 (--preset fast extreme)



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Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

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Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

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