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Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Three Suns - The Three Suns in Japan (1959)

Our Man in Japan, Sem Sinatra, was kind enough to supply me a vinyl rip of the most rare of The Three Suns LPs, The Three Suns in Japan! This album was produced exclusively for the Japanese market, where it was apparently quite a success. With arrangements by the incredible Charles Albertine, many of the tracks have an "Oriental" flair that is fascinating to hear in the context of their other material. For more info on this rare release, including the original Japanese liner notes (unfortunately untranslated), check out its page over at Michael David Toth's The Three Suns Universe.

Because this is an American group full of native English speakers, it made more sense to me to tag these songs with their English translation title. I wonder what the original song titles were before they were translated to Japanese and then back to English? I suppose we may never know, but I'm sure these are close. I kept the Japanese song titles in the comment field. Track eleven doesn't have a translation on the back of the LP for "Alps no Makiba," but Sem tagged it as "Alpine Meadows," which sounds good to me, so I went with it.

As a fan of The Three Suns, I feel very honored to be able to present this album here at Psychotic Leisure Music for others to finally hear. Big thanks again to Sem Sinatra for the music and for the cover scan!

The Three Suns - The Three Suns in Japan (1959)
1. Night Mist over Highway No. 2 (3:12)
2. Platanus Road (2:28)
3. Twinkle Constellation (2:21)
4. Blue Suitcase (2:15)
5. Blossoms on the Wind (2:34)
6. Walking Hand in Hand (3:08)
7. Fresh Snow (2:44)
8. Night in Hawaii (2:29)
9. Tale of Nagasaki (2:43)
10. Mango Vendor of Java (2:37)
11. Alpine Meadows (2:30)
12. Rainy Day (2:40)

43.8MB ZIP archive
MP3: Constant bitrate (192kbps)



ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

Great 3 Suns album! Muchly appreciated. LP

Anonymous said...

UN grand MERCI for this lp strange,exotique,groovy,....
Le soleil est au rendez vous,
Many thanks
Le club Marron.

Anonymous said...

I keep getting "format error" when trying to unstuff it.

Unknown said...

Thanks for posting this, I saw it on the "World of the 3 Suns" tribute page and wondered what it sounded like. BTW If anyone has a stereo version of this LP PLEASE rip and post it.

BTW: Someone posted a very clean copy of the rare "Movin & Groovin" RCA Stereo Action LP here:

Anonymous said...

good job! thank you verrrry much!
but I keep getting "format error", too.
please tell me collect pw..

Kevin Sartori said...

Are you a Mac user? I've had other Mac users email me about problems they were having with the rar archives. I'm a PC user, but I think the problem has to do with password protection and Stuffit.

Try using unRarX < > and let me know if that works.

Tony said...

OSX user here. Stuffit doesn't seem to work with this file, but unrar is perfect. some great music here--thank you!

I don't know if this matters, but it seemed to open better on my 10.3 machine at work, than my 10.2 machine at home. But I think it has more to do with using unrar instead of stuffit. BTW, stuffit "usually" works just fine, so I don't know where the diff is...

Anonymous said...

WOW! Thanks for posting this! Never heard this one before....

Denise Fondo said...


Thanks for the Three Suns albums. We made some great CDs, replete with classic album art. Drove all over Los Angeles today enjoying the tunes.

By the way, for those intereste in some fun Three Suns stuff, check out You Tube. There are a couple of videos, including the one at the link below.

Denise Fondo said...


The link ---

Anonymous said...

Dear Kevin,
Thanks for posting such an eclectic mix of great music on this blog! I hope you will consider re-uploading this Three Suns In Japan LP. The 'Holy Grail' of 3 Suns collectors, it's one of the few links that has expired. I'll be looking every day. Thanks.

Kevin Sartori said...

Yeah, it's very strange, but MegaUpload took down 18 of my 58 uploads all at once. Since all of my other uploads are nowhere near expiration, I have to assume that I've been hit by the dreaded deleter(s). Well, I'll start re-upping these to MegaUpload and we'll see what happens from there.

Link updated and The Three Suns in Japan is available again!

Anonymous said...

My Dear Friend, Kevin,
This is just Oh-so-Fareekin-Coooool!!
I had figured you might have some method of checking for new comments (even on old posts)and that I would visit the "3 Suns in Japan" page sporadically to see if a twelfth comment had been posted.
Imagine my delight when I saw it today. You've promptly re-uploaded this rare LP, and I cannot stop smiling... Words are always limited tools, and I can't express my gratitude properly. I think your selflessness is quite extraordinary these days. You're sharing a really important niche of music that is sorely needed. You obviously love it as much as your appreciative visiting friends.
Today, you've really given me a kick. Thanks, Kevin, you-da-Man.

-Randy Z.

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Vermont - 3 Suns in Japan? Never knew it existed. Looks like a winner; just like your blog. Thank you...

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!