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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

REDO: Zatoichi Musical Journey 3 (1968-1973)

I'm redoing this posting because I managed to get my hands on the original CD for this release (and for Nemuri Kyoshiro Anthology Volume 1 as well). The bitrate's lower on this rip due to the higher efficiency of LAME 3.97 over 3.93. I improved the song title translations by basing them on the page for this release over at Godzilla Monster Music. That's also where I stole the cover scan from. I double-checked the punctuation with the disc tray. In the comment fields, I updated the film translations to match the DVD release titles and included the series film number. Also, the total running time is about a minute less thanks to the better digital silence removal of Audiograbber.

Here's the third and final disc in King Records' three volume Zatoichi soundtrack series. This release includes compositions by Hajime Kaburagi, Sei Ikeno, Akira Ifukube, Isao Tomita, Kunihiko Murai, Mitsuo Miyamoto and Kohmei Sone. Like volume 2, this CD release concludes with another vocal track by series star Shintaro Katsu, taken from the a-side of a 1968 single.

Check out the theatrical trailer for the twenty-second Zatoichi film, Zatoichi Meets the One-Armed Swordsman:

Check out the theatrical trailer for the twenty-fourth Zatoichi film, Zatoichi in Desperation:

Fans of the music of the Zatoichi films should stay tuned. I also have Nemuri Kyoshiro Anthology Volume 1, which includes music from Taichiro Kosugi, Ichiro Saito and (of course) Akira Ifukube!

Zatoichi Musical Journey 3 (1968-1973)
1. Hajime Kaburagi - DB TOP (Daiei Mark) (0:12)
2. Hajime Kaburagi - DB4 (Main Title ~ "Zatoichi's Lullaby") (1:33)
3. Hajime Kaburagi - DB8 (The Scoundrel) (1:10)
4. Hajime Kaburagi - DB14 (Ichi and Oshizu) (2:48)
5. Hajime Kaburagi - DB30 A (The Lanterns Searching for Ichi) (0:46)
6. Hajime Kaburagi - DB41 1st Half (The Showdown at Dawn) (0:55)
7. Hajime Kaburagi - DB41 2nd Half (Ending ~ "Zatoichi's Lullaby") (1:28)
8. Sei Ikeno - DB1 (Daiei Mark) (0:12)
9. Sei Ikeno - DB4 (Main Title) (1:00)
10. Sei Ikeno - Theme Song 4 ("Zatoichi's Lullaby") (1:52)
11. Sei Ikeno - DB12 (Ichi and Yasaburo Kashiwazaki) (0:47)
12. Sei Ikeno - DB14 (M8) (Ichi and Osode) (2:35)
13. Sei Ikeno - DB18 (Ichi in Pursuit) (2:53)
14. Sei Ikeno - DB26 (Zatoichi and the Fighting Drums) (1:46)
15. Sei Ikeno - PS-Drum (The Drums of Suwa Myoujin Shrine) (2:02)
16. Sei Ikeno - DB27 (M15) (Exit in the Sunrise ~ Ending) (3:02)
17. Akira Ifukube - Musical Suite (Daiei Mark ~ Main Title) (3:53)
18. Isao Tomita - DB1 (Main Title) (0:09)
19. Isao Tomita - DB1 IA (Title Back) (1:07)
20. Isao Tomita - DB2 (The Dark Shogun) (1:09)
21. Isao Tomita - DB15 (Great Sword Battle on the Oil Ship) (2:12)
22. Isao Tomita - DB30 (Zatoichi Falls into a Trap) (1:14)
23. Isao Tomita - DB32 (Zatoichi and the Dark Shogun) (1:46)
24. Isao Tomita - DB33 (Conclusion - Ichi and the Nameless Ronin) (1:05)
25. Isao Tomita - DB34 (M20) (Ichi and Okiyo) (1:35)
26. Isao Tomita - DB34 (M21) (Ending) (0:41)
27. Isao Tomita - DB1 (Dainichi Mark) (0:18)
28. Isao Tomita - DB2 (M3 A) (Main Title) (1:08)
29. Isao Tomita - DB3 (The Tragic Chinaman ~ Genocide) (2:08)
30. Isao Tomita - DB8 (The Invincible Chinese Sword) (1:20)
31. Isao Tomita - DB26 (Ichi and Oyone) (1:06)
32. Isao Tomita - DB31 (Wang Gang and Kakuzen) (1:42)
33. Isao Tomita - DB32 (Break! Chinese Sword ~ Ending) (4:54)
34. Kunihiko Murai - Main Theme (1:17)
35. Kunihiko Murai / Mitsuo Miyamoto - Ending (1:30)
36. Akira Ifukube - M1 (Zatouichi Takes Edo Highway) (0:48)
37. Akira Ifukube - M2 (Main Title) (1:43)
38. Akira Ifukube - M4 (Ichi and Omiyo - Encounter) (3:55)
39. Akira Ifukube - M7 (Ichi and Omiyo - Farewell) (1:25)
40. Akira Ifukube - M10 (The Wounded People ~ Shinbei's Conspiracy) (0:57)
41. Akira Ifukube - M20 (Zatoichi - Victimization in Kasama) (1:32)
42. Akira Ifukube - M21 (Shinbei's Final Moment) (0:45)
43. Akira Ifukube - M22 (Ending) (0:46)
44. Kohmei Sone / Shintaro Katsu - Zatoichi's Lullaby (3:24)

91.4MB ZIP archive
MP3: Variable bitrate (179.9kbps average)
Audiograbber 1.83.1 w/LAME 3.97 (--preset fast extreme)



Coffee Messiah said...

Hey there! These 3 have been a great addition, Thanks for sharing! CM

Anonymous said...

Hey. The Frog here.
Fantastic addition. Those soundtracks are brilliant. Will you post the Nemuri Kyoshiro one? Those are certainly the best of the bunch. Thanks a lot. You have great taste.
The Frog out.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful!!!! THANK YOU!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, I was just about to try ripping the songs off of the dvds. This is Great!

Anonymous said...

Magnificent upload! Really stirring to the inner spirit. Just the type of music i love in the background in different situations when playing a computer rpg game like MORROWIND and OBLIVION. Thanks for this.

Kevin Sartori said...

I love Oblivion, hellbishop! I had around 110 hours in when I finally completed the main quest. I want to go back and play again with a different type of character and try to finish the other guilds I missed...

Anonymous said...

Ha ha cool Kevin Sartori! Yes the quests are very exciting and pretty cold blooded.Especially the Dark Brotherhood. I have yet to complete the game. Am more into exploring and using Mods to create my own perfect nightmare world with influences from plenty of horror movies etc.

Was playing a session earlier of OBLIVION after seeing where and what tracks from ZATOICHI MUSICAL JOURNEY 3 would fit in for best effect and it really came off perfect. I felt like a kid with my parents at the movies all over again watching some grim Samurai movie.

Thanks alot for the incredible music and Happy Holidays!

Alex said...

I just discovered these posts and had to thank you! Bows down - many, many thanks!

Fabulous collection of classic film music!

Anonymous said...

THANKS!!! been looking for these tracks for a while now

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for posting these great songs from Zatoichi. I recently became a fan since Hulu put them up and my curiosity got me. Been looking for the song Zatoichi's Lullaby all day without knowing what it was actually called haha

Thank you again so much

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these. Do you know where one might obtain the music from the Zatoichi Monogatari? Specifically "Odentosan" the main theme. Thanks again.

Kevin Sartori said...

Sorry, I have no idea where you could get the music to the first film. I know for some of the tracks in this series, when only the main theme was included it was because the audio masters no longer exist, so the main title had to be captured directly from the film. On the first Zatoichi Musical Journey CD, only the main title for Zatoichi Monogatari is included, so, unfortunately, it's entirely possible that the score does not exist for that film.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I should have been more specific. I meant Zatoichi Monogatari the tv show that ran for 100 or so episodes after the movies in the 1970's. The main theme was called "Odentosan" and it was sung by Katsu Shintaro. Thanks

Kevin Sartori said...

Ah, okay. Unfortunately, I still can't help!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Xorong said...

Thank so much, a long time looking for this songs