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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Guitarrorists (1991)

In 1991, no. 6 records released (Caroline Records distributed) this compilation of guitar solo pieces. The concept was that the guitarists were given complete free reign. The group of guitarists chosen for this project reads like a virtual who's who of indie rock from the late 80s/early 90s. There is a lot of fascinating music here, with styles ranging from ambient soundscapes to straight up rockin' grooves and everything in between, including the truly bizarre.

Steve Albini's "Nutty About Lemurs" is a personal favorite of mine; I've listened to this tracks dozens of times and I never get tired of it.

The tracks on this disc are "lettered" from a to z. When ripping this, I've traditionally numbered the tracks from 1 to 26. I've also placed the name of the band the guitarist hailed from at the time in the comment tag.

Guitarrorists (1991)
1. Sonic Boom - Overture [Spaceman] (1:54)
2. Kurt Ralske - Tar, Iodine, Blood + Rust [Ultra Vivid Scene] (2:40)
3. Kathy Korniloff - I Really Can't Say [Two Nice Girls] (2:59)
4. Jeffrey Evans - Longwood Mansion [Gibson Brothers] (1:46)
5. Wayne Coyne - I Want to Kill My Brother: The Cymbal Head [Flaming Lips] (3:36)
6. J Mascis - A Little Ethnic Song [Dinosaur Jr.] (2:58)
7. Dean Wareham - West Broadway [Galaxie 500] (2:38)
8. Mark E. Robinson - Guitarrorists Theme [Unrest] (1:44)
9. Marc Gentry - Mariposa [Rein Sanction] (2:43)
10. Dave Rick - Where's Gitchi Oombigat At? [King Missle] (4:01)
11. Kat Bjellend - Bruise Violet [Babes in Toyland] (3:12)
12. Thurston Moore - Blues for Spacegirl [Sonic Youth] (4:51)
13. Helios Creed - Green Volcano [Chrome] (1:37)
14. Tom Hazelmeyer - Guitar Wank-Off #13 [Halo of Flies] (3:16)
15. Paul Leary - Fillipé Mepelpeepe [Butthole Surfers] (3:19)
16. Nick Salomon - Dark Field [Bevis Frond] (3:00)
17. Don Fleming - Sound as Steel [Gumball] (1:08)
18. Kim Gordon - Kitten [Sonic Youth] (1:43)
19. Nikki Sudden - Cats Cradle (3:26)
20. Kramer - Ovulation Always Brings Me Down [Bongwater] (2:23)
21. Neil Haggerty - Fallen off the Rocks [Royal Trux] (4:03)
22. Wayne Rogers - Hoichi the Earless [Crystalized Movements] (3:28)
23. Rick McCollum - Spider Plum [Afgan Whigs] (4:18)
24. Marcy Mays - Always Late [Scrawl] (1:06)
25. Lee Renaldo - Here [Sonic Youth] (5:27)
26. Steve Albini - Nutty About Lemurs [Big Black] (1:43)

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Jason said...

Excellent! I've always kinda regretted selling this off when I was broke in the early 90's.

Mr Lucky Doubles said...

Unlike Jason, I never sold this one. Still have it. But I never really liked it very much either.

Maybe if I knew how to play guitar I'd like it more. But as big a fan as I was of many of these guys and gals onthe disc, I never really dug the tracks on the album.

Still, like the Daniel Ash solo album you posted, I'm going to pull this one off the shelf and give it another listen to see if it's aged better than he cheap Cabarnet in the glass in front of me.

William Gilman said...

I bought this when it first came out. I don't know what happen to my copy. I was trying to find it recently.

Anonymous said...

still have my copy, happy about the mp3..

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Jonny said...

I've been after this for about 15 years! thanks dudes. The J Mascis song on here was the legendary Alien Workshop skate vid theme.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the posting and the format. i had not heard of this particular release although just about everybody on here is my hero.

thanks for keeping it up for so long.

Ariel said...

man thanks for this one....

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot !

Anonymous said...

muchas gracias: great to find this one again...I too somehow let it slip away from my collection. To me the disc actually holds up pretty well, better than a lot of the vocal output by these artists. -6string

Pasá said...

Thank you so much! I was looking for this album for a long time!
Thanks again!

mark said...

awesome! ive been looking for an mp3 of "a little ethnic song" for a while and now i got it. i loved this song in the Alien Workshop video "Memory Screen".

Anonymous said...

thanks for posting. I lost it along the way.

fabrizio26265 said...

thanks very much for sharing it!

don said...

thanks so much for keeping this live!!
very nice job file naming & notes.

there are some gems here...dean wareham, j mascis, and "mariposa" is just a pretty tune.

Unknown said...

whats the decryption passphrase?

Kevin Sartori said...

Password, as always, is directly under the download link.

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

pinkie said...

Thanks a lot man, I was able to locate most of the individual tracks on youtube but this is better than a franken-comp iykwim! Cheers. I think I first became aware of this fascinating album when I heard the quite staggering Paul Leary contribution on the John Peel Show around time of release. So, only took me 19 years to finally hear the whole thing, haha. :D