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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Endless 2 (1995)

Label founder V.M. Harrigan compiled this sequel to the album that served as the first release from Manifold Records. Oddly enough, the Manifold Records site has no information on this title. Released a year after its predecessor, catalog number MANCD04 suggests that this was their fourth release.

Judging from the number of downloads, Endless 1 was a popular post. So, posting its follow up was a no-brainer. If the first CD was your cup of tea, than this disc should provide a tasty (if melancholy) second serving.

Endless 2 (1995)
1. Thomas Köner - Nuuk (Harbor) (3:35)
2. Voice of Eye - Flotsam Suspended in Solar Wind (6:15)
3. Steve Roach - At the Edge of the In-Between (Anima Revealed) (11:53)
4. Final - Exit (8:57)
5. Null - Zen Walker (4:44)
6. Nicky Skopelitis / Bill Laswell - Morphia (7:26)
7. Controlled Bleeding - Glass on Wire, Pt. 2 (Brick Mix) (10:25)
8. Mandible Chatter - Burn Down the Sky (8:03)
9. Robert Rich - Sunspot Cycle (18:01)

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Unknown said...

I don't care if I'm a month late picking up on this....this is sick and beautiful. Thank you for posting this.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting this! The 2nd installment of :endless: is just as mindbending as the first...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this bleak music from the heart of empty desolation. Perfect for the end of year :)

Happy holidays and a productive happier new year be yours Mr.Sartori.

David Spalding said...

I was producing a public radio program featuring 'dark wave' ambient music when Vince came out with ENDLESS 1 and ENDLESS 2. I corresponded with Vince and complimented him on the collections as they were above average and great "theme" albums. He was please, and told me that he selected the tracks more for coherence and artistic compatibility than for commercial appeal. I don't think they sold well, but I used many of the tracks in my program, and it's pleasing to see that the albums are still of interest to fans of this kind of music.

I thought the covers were very distinctive, too.

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Rob said...

Cool story, David. And I'm with you on the covers - this one in particular really invites the imagination.

Thanks again for minding the lighthouse, Kevin. :)