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Saturday, October 14, 2006

Clockhammer - Klinefelter (1992)

Update 01/07/2013: I've removed the share because this album has been released digitally by Funzalo and is available from, 7digital and iTunes. Show your support by buying it today!

Clockhammer's follow up to their self-titled debut shows them maturing and improving. It's that rare second LP that is even better than the first. What a pity that they split the same year! We can only speculate on what would have followed had this creative unit kept going.

I plan to follow this up at some point with a posting of their third and final disc, featuring the new line-up lead singer/guitarist Byron Bailey put together in 1994.

For more info on the band, be sure to check out the Clockhammer page at or check out Travis Keese's unofficial MySpace page.

Clockhammer - Klinefelter (1992)
1. Greying Out (4:50)
2. Bluest Eyes (2:36)
3. Standing By (3:42)
4. Nullify (4:24)
5. Away (4:38)
6. Hollows (3:52)
7. Years of Days (4:07)
8. Destination (3:54)
9. Next Month (4:57)
10. Drone (3:19)
11. Mitch's Theme (3:45)
12. You're Through, Right Now! (0:03)


Tommy B said...

I just get a message saying that the RaR is locked.

Kevin Sartori said...

Below the download link is the password.

Tommy B said...

Oh shit...Sorry dude. I should have read the instrustions a little closer :D I was so eager to download it i guess ;/

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!