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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

LAME 3.97 Final (MP3 Encoder)

Any regular visitors I have know that I prefer the LAME encoder for creating MP3 files. This is just a quick note to let anyone who doesn't know that version 3.97 has finally left beta 3 stage and is at final version. If you're like me and you use Audiograbber (Exact Audio Copy is also good, but less intuitive), then you need the LAME external encoder for best quality and control. I use the term "external encoder" because it is with this .exe version (versus using the "internal" .dll) that you can control the encode by using switches like --preset fast extreme or --preset fast standard. You can check out my posting Tutorial: Create MP3s Using Audiograbber with the LAME Encoder for more info on ripping CDs to MP3.

As usual, the best place to grab the latest LAME compile is from RareWares. You can get the final 3.97 lame.exe build fixed for decoding through stdout (ICL9.1) by clicking here. LAME 3.98 is already at alpha build 6, but it's probably best to hold off on using 3.98 until it at least enters beta stage.

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Anonymous said...

I prefer LAME as well....didnt know 3.97 had left beta....grabbing it now.

Thanx for the link back as well