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Friday, September 08, 2006

Kelly Bailey - Half-Life (1998)

Half-Life was the first video game that totally drew me into its world with its single-player experience. I must have played all the way through it three times. PCs today have Dolby Digital surround sound available, but back then, stereo was the norm. The Vortex 2 by Aureal was the first PC sound card to offer full surround sound (well, 4.1 anyway). Half-Life was one of the first games to support this environmental surround sound. I remember being so excited that I spent $150 on a Cambridge Soundworks FourPoint speaker set-up. Perceiving Aureal as a threat to a market they had cornered, the big guys behind Creative's SoundBlaster created patent disputes that eventually litigated little start-up Aureal to death. I understand that most of the forward-thinking tech guys at Aureal ended up at nVidia's sound division. Anyhow, totally immersive sound, excellent storyline and addictive gameplay make Half-Life a classic shooter that is pretty hard to beat. It was much more innovative then than Half-Life 2 is today. It really was the first action game with an actual story arc.

There is not much information available about composer Kelly Bailey. According to Valve's team page, "Kelly is Valve's senior audio producer, responsible for creating sound effects & music." A page devoted to the composer at MobyGames implies that he used to work for Microsoft and that he "did all of the music and sound effects for Half-Life and wrote sound code to create character speech and DSP reverb effects."

There was no official release for this game soundtrack. I pulled these tracks directly from the PC CD-ROM. I found the song titles at this thread over at the forums. In 2004, if you ordered Half-Life 2 Gold through Valve's Steam, you also received a Half-Life 2 soundtrack CD. Eleven of the twenty-eight tracks here also appear on that CD, but with different song titles. I've noted the alternate song title in the comment tag for those eleven tracks. The mostly electronic score itself is exciting to listen to as it covers the full range from ambient soundscapes to more mainstream orchestral-like cues to edgy rhythyms.

Kelly Bailey - Half-Life (1998)
1. Adrenaline Horror (2:09)
2. Vague Voices (2:11)
3. Klaxon Beat (0:59)
4. Space Ocean (1:34)
5. Cavern Ambience (1:38)
6. Apprehensive Short (0:23)
7. Bass String Short (0:08)
8. Hurricane Strings (1:32)
9. Diabolical Adrenaline Guitar (1:44)
10. Valve Theme (Long Version) (1:22)
11. Nepal Monastery (2:07)
12. Alien Shock (0:36)
13. Sirens in the Distance (1:12)
14. Nuclear Mission Jam (2:00)
15. Scared Confused Short (0:16)
16. Drums and Riffs (2:03)
17. Hard Technology Rock (1:39)
18. Steam in the Pipes (1:54)
19. Electric Guitar Ambience (1:23)
20. Dimensionless Deepness (1:24)
21. Military Precision (1:20)
22. Jungle Drums (1:49)
23. Traveling Through Limbo (1:16)
24. Closing Theme (1:39)
25. Threatening Short (0:37)
26. Dark Piano Short (0:17)
27. Sharp Fear Short (0:06)

60.3MB ZIP archive
MP3: Variable bitrate (236.7kbps average)
Audiograbber 1.83.1 w/LAME 3.97 beta 3 (--preset fast extreme)



Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for your effort mate, long live!

Anonymous said...

yo thanks alot i been looking for half-life 1 soundtrack for ever :D

Silent Mesa said...

Hello,thanks. half-life musak is truely Pschotic in its broken nerve tones.I liked the music from HL2 better, do you fell like making a list of its tracks? thanks.

Anonymous said...

damn this a cool blog. kelly bailey does appear to be a bit of mystery man/woman (though fairly certain he is a man)though obviously more than a few people seem to have taken a liking to his music by the looks of it from suggested searchs on google.

any ideas what software he might of used to make his music? cos im interested in trying it myself.

Anonymous said...

darren mitchell is another serial game composer who also has very little info about him......

Kevin Sartori said...

Definitely male. Unfortunately, everything I could find out about him I put in the post! There's not much info out there. I couldn't tell you what software was used to create the music.

Anonymous said...

hey can u do this for the music from half life 2 episode 1 coz im downloading it now and its taking 1 day and 1 hour with a download rate of 0KB/s when usually i get 50kb/s at absolute worst.

Anonymous said...

i dunno why but i cant download the stuff. im from Hungary and it says that the download slots are full (it says, that i can go around this but seriously NO)
can you give me some advice as why its not good, or how could i dl it?

Anonymous said...

I from Russian Federation and have the same problem as zsigi. I've tried installing those damn toolbar and all hacks and workarounds which I've googled, but none of them worked for me.

Anonymous said...

Have you tried Firefox + Megaupload SX add-on? Works fine for me here in Czech Republic.

Unknown said...

This is great! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't believe why I found your blog, I was looking into a box of old stuff and found my HALF LIFE Game of the year edition CD, hehe so I wanted to rip the music to the PC, during the process the drive started spinning so fast that it exploded haha well the disc did, and after removing all pieces both the CD and drive are dead =( lol that's why I'm here. But I was wondering if you could upload the music as WAV or FLAC because mp3 doesn't make justice to the soundtrack, anyway thank you for taking the time to upload the music

Mark Eckenrode said...

Hey, thanks for ripping these tracks from Half-Life. I was searching on the net for this and I finally found it on your blog. I always thought that HL1 had excellent music, and although used sparingly in the game it was very effective. Very moody, evocative stuff.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the music man, Ive been looking for the HL1 soundtrack for a while now.

Luis said...

I really appreciate it. Thanks!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

hler said...

thanks bra

DriscollFrost said...

I just wanted to say thank you for the soundtrack - I used to listen to this and the Deus Ex soundtrack on my Ipod when I'd go walking around the neighborhood with my dog. Such good memories...

Anyway, thanks a million!