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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Clockhammer - Clockhammer (1991)

Update 03/02/2012: I've removed the share because this album has been released digitally by Funzalo and is available from and iTunes. Show your support by buying it today!

Clockhammer were a Nashville trio with a unique sound that combined hard rock, alternative, fusion and even a bit of prog. It was always the lighter jazzier moments that I appreciated most about the band. Plus, the melodic vocals of lead singer/guitarist Byron Bailey integrated well with the alternately hard/soft, fast/slow music. A truly great band that I still miss.

Signed to First Warning, an "independent" label at first funded by RCA/BMG, that quickly morphed into a more traditional subsidiary when they picked up a manufacturing and distribution deal as well. Always game for an interesting Christmas album, I first heard Clockhammer when I picked up A Lump of Coal, an alternative rock oriented Christmas compilation. Enjoying their rendition of "Here Comes Santa Claus," I went to the local record store to seek more. I actually found two versions of their only CD. One was released with only a First Warning tag, the other was an apparent reissue with additional RCA/BMG branding. I wanted the original release, but the reissue contained a bonus track. As I'm a sucker for Astrud Gilberto, I just had to hear their version of "Girl from Ipanema."

In 1992, Clockhammer released an even better second CD, Klinefelter. Internal strife and the closure of First Warning caused the band to split that year. Byron Bailey reformed the band in 1994 with new members, staying together just long enough to release the heavier So Much for You on the German label Houses in Motion.

For more info on the band, be sure to check out the Clockhammer page at or check out Travis Keese's unofficial MySpace page.

I've included a few bonus tracks in this package. Immediately following the album, I've included "Here Comes Santa Clause" from A Lump of Coal. Following that are the two b-side songs from a CD single released in 1991 called Carrot. "Shadowplay" is a Joy Division cover and "Mother Truth (Live)" is from an October 23rd, 1990 performance at CBGB's in NYC. I'll eventually post their second and third CD here.

Clockhammer - Clockhammer (1991)
1. Mother Truth (3:36)
2. Trial by Fire (3:37)
3. Boys in Blue (5:26)
4. Bridges Burn (6:03)
5. Extra Crispy (4:29)
6. Lament (4:13)
7. Wither (4:14)
8. No Show (5:17)
9. Calypso (2:55)
10. Sun Goes Black (5:34)
11. Girl from Ipanema (2:49)
12. Here Comes Santa Claus (2:30)
13. Shadowplay (2:50)
14. Mother Truth (Live) (3:25)


ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ said...

Just saw your note over at the Coffee Messiah and stopped in to look see. Great blog! I am a big fan of MP3 Gain myself. LP

Anonymous said...

Clockhammer was a very good group, i realy apreciate this post, so pleace post it the klinefelter, its a great job.

savoadaki said...

Congratulations on your blog - I enjoy the music you have been posting -- does that make me psychotic??? So be it. The information provided on the musicians and music is most welcome.

Anonymous said...

Clockhammer was one of the most under-rated bands of the '90's...great chops, great surprises, funky tempo changes, heavy / punk / jazz...I was a BIG fan, and sad to see there was no more of the original band after the second album (looking forward to hearing the 3rd album with the newer incarnation of the band!). Glad to get the chance to hear these extra tracks, too - I never WAS able to track them down, myself. THANKS!

Anonymous said...

Super surprised and very happy to see these here.
me and my friends spend many an hour in High school and the next 2 years out of it going to all used record shops to find all the releases just so out other friends could own a copy.

I have long parted with my copies and am very happy that I have a chance to be reunited.

thank you.