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Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Congo Norvell - The Dope, The Lies, The Vaseline (1996)

Congo Norvell formed in 1990 and was a duo comprising guitarist Kid Congo Powers (The Cramps; Gun Club; Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds) and husky crooner Sally Norvell. The Dope, The Lies, The Vaseline would have been their second album. It was originally set to be released on rap label Priority's rock arm Basura! I lucked out and stumbled across the CD as a "white label promo" on a used CD site online, about a month before the official release date. There was some chatter about the album's release on a Nick Cave mailing list I was on at the time. It was selling for $1.99. I remember thinking at the time that I'd rather have full packaging and such, but having no idea what they sounded like, I gave it a shot. I ended up loving the disc. Shortly afterward, the news came out that Priority was closing down the Basura! label, without releasing the Congo Norvell CD. Apparently, all that got out were 400 or so promo copies of the album. Lucky me!

There's no cover for this. The low quality pic above is a thumbnail from the Kid Congo Powers site. The white label tray sheet lists song titles, label info and states that it was "produced, engineered and mixed by Joe Chiccarelli." Otherwise there are no other credits. A quick personal experience gives us a bit of additional info. The Geraldine Fibbers (Carla Bozulich's late great band) were performing in Hartford in 1997. Between performances, I was chatting with Bill Tutton, their bass player. Referring to their cover of Can's "You Doo Right" on their latest album Butch, I mentioned that I was amazed that two of my favorite CDs from the past year featured covers from one of my favorite bands, the relatively obscure 70s kraut-rock/prog outfit Can. He said, "Oh, really, what's the other." I mentioned Congo Norvell's "Thief" and he went crazy! "I played bass on that track!" He mentioned playing on one or two other tracks from the album and basically confirmed that the album was in legal limbo.

Congo Norvell - The Dope, The Lies, The Vaseline (1996)
1. Husbands (4:17)
2. You Can Lay with Dogs (5:01)
3. Wailing Woman (4:40)
4. The Girl Who Would Be King (4:22)
5. Summer Nights (3:18)
6. November (The Ballad of Mark and Travis) (4:21)
7. Thief (6:12)
8. Goodbye Song (3:44)
9. Cruel (3:16)
10. Murder (5:36)
11. L'Amour (3:15)
12. Lullabye (5:07)

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Anonymous said...

hey, thanks for the download! i heard "the girl who would be king" on the october issue of CMJ new music monthly back in 1994 and loved it. since then, i have looked everywhere for the album, and even looked online with absolutely no success...until now!

thanks a ton for bringing my search to an end!

Kevin Sartori said...

Messages like this make it all worthwhile...

Anonymous said...

Wow! I dl'd this on the stength of your description. Just played Thief... what a voice!

If I ever get set up, I'm getting into this - soon as I get my blogger account working.



Anonymous said...

wow, i also had the cmj magazine. I loved "the girl." now I can enjoy the whole record. You know, that one song has kind of been an inspiration in music

the dramatics of it all. nice...

thanks alot kid, i appreciate it

Kevin Sartori said...

I appreciate being called "kid"!

I'm glad you're enjoying it! This is the whole point of my blog...

Anonymous said...

cool, kevin. thank YOU,as well. I meant kid for making it and YOU for posting it:)

Anonymous said...

im sorry. kevin, it isnt unlocking for me. when it comes up for inputting the password, do i type

like this? im on a mac, if that makes a difference.
sorry to bother you..

Kevin Sartori said...

Oh! Hehe, sure, "Kid" Congo Powers. Should've realised...

Yeah, that's the password. Check out my note to the right above my Top 10 list: "Mac Users Please Read!"

You probably have to use UnRarX to extract the archive if you're on a Mac.

Let me know if you still have problems! It's no bother!

Anonymous said...

i dwnld unrarx

type in the password, and IT STILL NOT WORKING!

i have failed at internets....

any ideas?

Kevin Sartori said...

Hmmm, I'm not sure what to tell you. I just downloaded it myself, manually typed in the password and extracted it! It works fine! Make sure you don't put any spaces in when typing in the password. Or, better yet, just copy and paste the password in. It's been downloaded 92 times from MegaUpload, not to mention the 75 or so times it was downloaded when the exact same file was first on Rapidshare.

I wish I knew how to help...

Maxim said...

damn blogger lost my comment - but thanx for posting this!

Anonymous said...

wow. WOW. I too have been looking for this for over a decade - I had a Priority sampler with "The Girl" on it - and I'd very much loved "Music to Remember Him By" (big Kid Congo fan), so I was really looking forward to it. I remember being rather dismayed and pissed when it never showed up in stores. I'd periodically search to no avail over the years, but here tonight, at 3 am after a random Wiki article got me to thinking about it, I have it.

Ain't the internets grand?

Thank you very very much!


Anonymous said...

this is great. thank u 4 upload. can u upload any other album?

Anonymous said...

Link still alive and I am happy to have found it, I am preparing myself to some Nick Cave's like.

So thanks for this.

A french guy

Anonymous said...

Thank you. This sounds like part of my life.

I think I was on that Nick Cave mailing list. Well, ain't it funny how things go.

Anonymous said...

Fuckin' A, this is fantastic shit! muchas grass ass.

Ron Hogan said...

This is awesome; I remember their live version of "Thief" from before this CD came out, at the shows the band did at Luna Park in LA.

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Pepe said...

Thanks! Just read about this album and I'm glad you've kept the link up. Can't wait to listen to this!

Robert Nagle said...

I cannot tell you how happy I am to find this download and this backstory about Congo Norvell. I also heard about Norvell through CMJ and bought their other album Music to Remember Him By.

Great site. Thanks. BTW, the URL for my name has lots of my fave music recs. -- all creative commons and free.