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Monday, April 02, 2007

Night of the Living Dead (1968)

Update 06/21/2010: I've recently discovered that the folks behind the documentary Autopsy of the Dead have released They Won't Stay Dead: Music from the Soundtrack of Night of the Living Dead. This new soundtrack release features 40 tracks, remastered direct from the original library vinyl. If you're interested in owning the soundtrack to this seminal horror classic, than you should go buy it! Accordingly, I've removed the share I was presenting here.

When George A. Romero's zombie classic Night of the Living Dead was released in 1968, its straightforward documentary style and gruesome black-and-white imagery shocked audiences. It was perhaps the first time that such a fantastic concept was handled in such a realistic manner. It's a completely effective film that is a must-see for everyone, not just horror or genre fans.

Check out the theatrical trailer for Night of the Living Dead:

Shot on a shoe-string budget in Pittsburgh, PA, this production didn't have the luxury of hiring a composer to create a soundtrack. Instead they used library music. Library music generally consists of various soundtrack cues created by production houses to be used in movies, TV shows, commercials, whatever and pressed to vinyl. By purchasing the record itself, you are paying for the right to use any of the cues or background music in your production. Using pre-produced library music was a cost-effective way to add production value. These limited run library music LPs have become sought-after collectibles. There are several full-album music blogs online that offer rips of library music vinyl. They're well worth pursuing as the music is often quite eclectic, particularly as you enter the late-60s and early-70s.

The filmmakers for Night of the Living Dead went with cues from Capital Hi-Q 1950's Production Music Library. In 1982, Varèse Sarabande compiled the various cues used, added some dialogue bits and released it as an LP soundtrack. This has never seen an official CD release. I grabbed this excellent vinyl rip off Usenet years ago. Unfortunately, I didn't keep track of who did the rip (or they didn't say), but I did place the following info in the "Encoder" tag: Vinyl Rip - Sound Forge 5 w/Vinyl Restoration - Lame 3.88. The original poster went a little overboard encoding these single-channel mono MP3 files at 192kbps, but I appreciate the desire to keep the quality as high as possible.

Night of the Living Dead (1968)
1. Spencer Moore - Driveway to the Cemetary (Main Title) (2:18)
2. William Loose / Loose-Seeley - At the Gravesite / Flight / Refuge (3:42)
3. George Hormel - Farmhouse / First Approach (1:17)
4. Ib Glindemann - Ghoulash (JR's Demise) (3:29)
5. George Hormel / Loose-Seeley / Ib Glindemann - Boarding Up (2:59)
6. Phil Green / George Hormel - First Radio Report / Torch on the Porch (2:26)
7. George Hormel - Boarding Up 2 / Discovery: Gun 'n Ammo (2:07)
8. Spencer Moore - Cleaning House (1:35)
9. Ib Glindemann - First Advance (2:41)
10. George Hormel / Jack Meakin - Discovery of TV / Preparing to Escape / Tom and Judy (4:19)
11. George Hormel - Attempted Escape (1:30)
12. George Hormel / Karl Hardman - Truck on Fire / Ben Attacks Harry / Leg of Leg (3:39)
13. George Hormel - Beat 'Em or Burn 'Em / Final Advance (2:51)
14. Karl Hardman / Spencer Moore - Helen's Death / Dawn / Posse in the Fields / Ben Awakes (3:05)
15. Spencer Moore - OK Vince / Funeral Pyre (End Title) (1:08)


Ellaguru said...

thanx for this and for the ween!
have you got also "the oneness"fro this fantatic band? i've got also "chocolate and chees" if you like.

Stickman said...

Nice. Surprisingly, this doesn't get posted very often.

Kevin Sartori said...

Hey, no problem. I have all of the Ween albums...

jason said...

Any chance of links to these blogs that feature library albums, theres not much available anywhere:(

Great share, Thanks

Chuckwilson said...

I've been looking for this forever!Thanks

Hellbishop said...

Woe! What sweet audio work. This will go great in those computer rpg game dungeons of OBLIVION. Thanks kevin sartori for another classic find.

Do you know if the soundtrack to the 1970s cult zombie hit CHILDREN SHOULD'NT PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS is available anywhere. Alot of that music was truly out of this world ghastly. I heard there has been a sequel being worked on with alot of the original cast including Alan Ormsby who directed the first aswell as other movies like PORKY'S. Thanks :)

Kevin Sartori said...

I looked a little online, but it doesn't appear that Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things ever saw an offical soundtrack release. There's a thread about it over at I don't recall seeing the movie, but it sounds like that Carl Zittrer score is crazy! I wouldn't mind checking it out myself...

Anonymous said...

Hello. First of all I'd like to thank you for creating this blog, it's very cool. Now I finally have the opportunity to check out some Bauhaus side-projects!

I downloaded the NOTLD soundtrack twice, and for some reason the mp3s won't play. They don't seem to be corrupted, they just play for a split second, no sound. Could you help me out? Thanks.

Kevin Sartori said...

Wow, that's weird. I have no idea! For me, they play on my computer with Winamp, they play on my modded Xbox with Xbox Media Center and they play on my iPod.

What player do you use?

The Inspector said...

I'm new to this. Thank you so much for sharing this stuff, my bad vinyl burn of NOTLD was pretty poor quality. I'm having a problem with the RAR megaupload. When you say "password" do you mean for the login? If so, what is the login name? I'm only typing in the "three letter/digit" code and downloading it, but then the RAR's don't work.

When am I supposed to enter "a password"?

The Inspector said...

I figured it out! Thanks for the terrific download!

Anonymous said...

For CHILDREN SHOULD'NT PLAY WITH DEAD THINGS and other Carl Zittrer scores go to

Anonymous said...


That's the entire score, with dialogue and sound effects, but NONE of the music is missing or has been edited (unlike what IC had posted....and that blog is no longer accessible).

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading the sountrack. The Varese Sarabande LP only comprises about half of the tracks used for "Night of the Living Dead" and a couple of the tracks aren't used in the film. Anyone know how we can hunt down the remaining tracks?

Anonymous said...

I cant figure this shit out... Anyone know the username? The password is given but i dont know t he username.

Horror King said...

Found this site called that streams classic and new movies like 'Night of the Living Dead'.
Go to to watch it now

Mitch Raineer said...

Awesome! Totally AWESOME! Can't believe I stumbled upon your top notch site! AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

What the hell!! I've typed in the password 10 times and it keeps popping up the error message!!! Can someone PLEASE tell me how to type it in correctly!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic!
Thanks so much!

schizoauthoress said...

Thank you very, very much!

Anonymous said...

I keep getting the error, "The structure of the archive is damaged" Maybe you could reupload, pretty please?

Kevin Sartori said...

You're getting the "The structure of the archive is damaged" error because you're using StuffIt. Please check out the Please Read This First note at the top of the page. You need to use UnRarX to extract from password-protected RAR archives.

forensics said...

The most comprehensive compilation of the Capitol Hi-"Q" production music used in NIGHT of the LIVING DEAD is being released for the first time on licensed CD, digitally restored from original library LPs and reels. Includes cues from William Loose-John Seely, Ib Glindemann, George Hormel, Spencer Moore and Emil Cadkin-Harry Bluestone, and is much more complete than the Varese Sarabande LP.

Ordering information available at and on Amazon:

Colin said...

Kevin is there any way to get the new NOTLD "They wont stay dead" from you. I'm on being from Toronto and it isn't on there at all!>

Kevin Sartori said...

Hey, Colin! It looks like you can get it directly from their website for $24.95:

If you hit "Add to Cart" it goes directly to Paypal. Hopefully they ship to Canada. You might want to contact them first, though:

It's definitely worth the trouble, though! The soundtrack is excellent and they did a really nice job remastering those old library records! It's a fantastic release!

Colin said...

Thanks Kevin, its actually the library music I'm after as a bunch of it was also used in Creepshow.!

Anonymous said...

Hello there.

I ordered the CD recently.
Colin said that some tracks are also used in Creepshow.
But Which one ?

Ther is no precise informations about his.

Thanks for reply


Anonymous said...

The tracks used in 'Night of the Living Dead' which also show up in 'Creepshow' are Dramatic Eerie PG-190 (Jordy Verill segment) and Mystery Hour (the Crate segment).

Anonymous said...

Excellent !!

Many thanks for these infos.

Now we have to find the other ones.
including the juke box cues in the creeping up segment.

PrimeEvil said...

Don't know if anyone would even be checking back here, but I found a good number of Creepshow library cues, and have made them available here Includes 4 of the 5 jukebox cues from Creeping.