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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Chris Jensen - Half-Life: Opposing Force (1999)

In 1999, Gearbox Software released an add-on for the original Half-Life called Half-Life: Opposing Force. While Kelly Bailey created the music for the first Half-Life and, eventually, later entries in the series, Chris Jensen created the music for this "mission pack." The soundtrack was reused when Gearbox Software released Half-Life: Blue Shift, a complete stand-alone adventure that didn't require the original Half-Life CD-ROM to play.

While the music is not as dynamic or varied as Kelly Bailey's original soundtrack, this is an atmospheric and spooky bit of work, with some tracks featuring an interesting military dance vibe. When Half-Life: Blue Shift was released in 2001, it also included Half-Life: Opposing Force as a bonus. Unfortunately, possibly due to a mastering error, the audio track "Fright" was inadvertently not included. The tracklist order on Half-Life: Blue Shift was also changed. Half-Life: Opposing Force has more recently been ported to Steam as part of the Valve Complete Pack, but for some reason Chris Jensen's original soundtrack has been dropped. This is the original tracklist order from the first release of Half-Life: Opposing Force and includes that missing track. The music was formatted on the PC CD-ROM as CD-Audio.

Check out the original trailer:

Update 02-29-2012: In the comments section, kangax noticed that the music used for the trailer doesn't match anything on the soundtrack. I checked and couldn't find a match on the original Half-Life soundtrack either, so I ripped the track from YouTube, extracted the 96kbps OGG audio and recoded it to MP3 to include as a bonus track here. The quality isn't stellar, but it's still a nice bonus to close out the album.

Chris Jensen - Half-Life: Opposing Force (1999)
1. Scientific Proof (0:15)
2. Orbit (0:46)
3. Name (1:50)
4. Listen (0:15)
5. Fright (0:58)
6. Storm (1:36)
7. Trample (1:16)
8. Bust (1:46)
9. The Beginning (2:05)
10. Lost in Thought (1:19)
11. Danger Rises (1:14)
12. Soothing Antagonist (1:25)
13. Run (0:51)
14. Open the Valve (1:22)
15. Tunnel (1:24)
16. Chamber (1:31)
17. Maze (0:57)
18. Alien Forces (1:14)
19. Planet (1:30)
20. Trailer (1:11)

39.3MB ZIP archive
MP3: Variable bitrate (220kbps average)
Audiograbber 1.83.1 w/LAME 3.97 (--preset fast extreme)



Theo said...

awesome! thank you

Anonymous said...

Are you able to post the following Sun's albums?

ROCKOVERGRACELAND's links are no longer active. By the way, thanks much for the other Suns albums that you are currently sharing.

On a Magic Carpet

A Swingin' Thing

Anonymous said...

I love the game soundtracks you post!

Anonymous said...

Wow... Someone must not like this one being shared. :(

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Kevin Sartori said...

Have no fear, Megaupload must just be busy and that's why the file is unavailable. It hasn't been removed...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info Kevin. I'm looking forward to this one so I'll be patient. :)

Hellbishop said...

Thanks! Especially for pointing out the military type music that goes great with a game of Warhammer40k Dawn Of War.

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Michael said...

Whenever I click the link, I get the following error:
"Unfortunately, the link you have clicked is not available.
Reasons for this may include:
- Invalid link
- The file was deleted because of violating our Terms of service"

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Anonymous said...

Down again...

Kevin Sartori said...

I just checked and the file is available again for download. I assume there was just a brief hiccup at Megaupload, but everything appears to be fine now.

Try again!

Anonymous said...

Available again, thanks!

Information on how to use the files in-game is available here. Don't bother with the soundtrack he has posted, as it's of lower quality (192kbps CBR).

NeMoS said...

Well i must say this but Kelly Bailey made better songs for HL. Anyway i see potential in your songs... im just saying abouth opposing force soundtrack i didny listem to all of your music ... mabye u can refer me any album?

Kevin Sartori said...

NeMoS, I agree that Kelly Bailey's music is more interesting than Chris Jensen's. Please note that I had nothing to do with the creation of this music, I'm just presenting it here because it's out of print and hard to find!

NeMoS said...

Oh right my mistake sorry i didnt see ...didnt read stupid...

Anonymous said...

I own the original Opposing Force game CD and ripped the soundtrack almost 10 years ago. Thanks for posting the track listing - the orifinal is hard to find

Anonymous said...

I remember here in Australia there was a "buy back" of Opposing Force when you bought Blue Shift. Hand over your original Opposing Force disc when you bought Blue Shift, and you got a fairly good discount. Wonder if this was due to soundtrack royalties?

Gapa said...

relly thx :) i couldnt find the right tracklist until today ^^

kangax said...

what is the name of the song on the trailer from 1999 ?

Kevin Sartori said...

That's a good question, kangax! I just watched the Half-Life: Opposing Force trailer on YouTube:

I don't recognize it. I just compared it to all of the tracks on this soundtrack and Kelly Bailey's original Half-Life and I couldn't find a match. It's a mystery!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Louis Crockett said...

For those of you who like Chris Jensen's music, you can follow him on Facebook: