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Friday, March 09, 2007

Las Vegas Grind Part Two (1957-1969)

To my surprise, my posting of Las Vegas Grind Part One has been my most popular. According to Megaupload, it has been grabbed almost 600 times already! Unfortunately, I only own Part One on CD. Fortunately, I was able to find vinyl rips of the first five LP volumes using eMule. Ripped by "VinyLover" at 192kbps, these may not sound as good as a straight CD rip, but they sound very nice considering this series is sourced from not-always-mint low-fi 45s. Big thanks go out to "VinyLover" for taking the time and effort to create such nice clean vinyl rips!

As I mentioned in my earlier posting, the CD releases came after the vinyl LP releases. Part One CD was mostly compiled from vinyl Volumes One and Two (one track was pulled from Volume Three), with the CD of Part Two compiled from vinyl Volumes Three and Four. Now that I possessed rips of the first four vinyl volumes, I sorted them into two folders using track listings for the Part One and Part Two CDs. Once complete, I was surprised to discover that the last six tracks on the Part One CD are exclusive and aren't on any of the LP volumes. Fortunately, the Part Two CD doesn't contain any exclusive tracks.

Like Part One, this is another raucous, rowdy, raunchy and sometimes ridiculous collection of rockabilly, surf and straight up rock 'n' roll instrumentals. What an amazing group of party tunes Strip put together with this series! Like last time, I spent hours online researching the origins of these tracks. I wasn't able to find full track or release information for two of the original vinyl 45s or release year for five of the songs. On the other hand, I was able to correct nine mistakes in artist information and seven mistakes in song title information. I put what information I was able to gather about each original 45 vinyl release in the comment field, including a-side and b-side song titles, record company and catalog number.

Las Vegas Grind Part Two (1957-1969)1. Jack "Happy Jose" Ross - Mumbles [1962] (2:19)
2. Willie Wright & His Sparklers - Gibble Gobble [1962] (2:18)
3. Andre Williams & His Orchestra - Sweet Little Pussycat [1966] (2:05)
4. Edgar Alan and the Po' Boys - Panic Button [1963] (1:45)
5. The Gee Cees - Buzz Saw Twist [1961] (2:02)
6. The Jaguars - Exit 6 [1959] (2:01)
7. The Earthworms - Mo' Taters [1962] (2:05)
8. The Charts - For the Birds [1959] (2:00)
9. The Fabulous Raiders - Handclapping Time (2:50)
10. Roger & the Gypsies - Pass the Hatchet Part 1 [1969] (2:48)
11. The Egyptians - The Party Stomp [1960] (2:28)
12. The Escorts - Wiped Out [1961] (1:55)
13. The Crescendos - Hawk Walk (1:59)
14. The Playboys - Whatizit? [1958] (2:17)
15. The Charts - Ooba Gooba [1959] (2:02)
16. The Instrumentals - Are You Nervous? [1958] (2:19)
17. Bud Grippah - Hold It Part 1 [1960] (1:43)
18. The Noblemen - Dragon Walk [1959] (1:51)
19. Bob Kornegy - Wowsville Part 1 [1962] (2:09)
20. Earl Palmer's Party Rockers - Johnny's House Party Part 1 [1957] (2:44)
21. The Fabulous Continentals - Breakin' Up [1962] (1:53)
22. The Bikinis - Crazy Vibrations [1960] (2:22)
23. The Originals - Sleepless Hours [1958] (1:42)
24. Bobby Summers - Pad [1959] (1:57)
25. Jim Doval and the Gauchos - Good and Bad [1962] (2:37)
26. The Axcents - Hold It, Mary [1961] (2:14)
27. The Majestics - Riding By (1:53)
28. Jack Hammer - The Wiggling Fool [1962] (1:37)
29. The Jesters - The Jesters Jump (1:52)
30. Fabulous Tempoes - Nut Sundae (2:12)
31. Bobby Bunny and the Jackrabbits - Scatty Cat [1957] (2:18)
32. The Capers - Iced Tea [1965] (2:39)

87.4MB ZIP archive
MP3: Constant bitrate (192kbps)



baikinange said...

You are my new best friend for posting this's GREAT.

akira said...

This is really really f-ing great!! Thanks so much. Looking forward to other parts--especially Part Zero. Great blog.

jon said...

Cool daddio! bring on Zero. Thanks for this.

SamIam said...

Thanks for putting this together. It's great to see someone lavishing such care on the ID3 tags. Really enjoying your blog.

Cheers, SamIam

SamIam said...

BTW Kevin:
You mentioned in your blurb that you had tracked down vinyl Vols. 1-5.
Looking on my HD I noticed I had D/L a vinyl rip of Vol. 6 from Lellebelle's site (wile it was still active).
The tracks are in 64 Kbps AAC mono (so roughly equiv. to a stereo 192 MP3).
Hopefully this can help in your further compilation plans.
Here is a link to the new upload I made:

Cheers, SamIam

Christina said...

not having any luck opening the rar file. any suggestions?

Kevin Sartori said...

Check out the note on the right-hand side of the page:

Mac Users Please Read!

Anonymous said...

there is a third volume on cd, I own that one, are the 23 tracks you speak of on that? you have me curious, I've been trying to complete this collection for a while now...also you've probably seen it but 16funkycorners did an excellent write up on "roger and the gypsies"

Anonymous said...

Thanx for posting this great stuff!

nazz nomad said...

Man, I can't wait to listen to this. You totally rule.

brenna said...

Thank you so much for this! I lost my copy when I left it on a cruise ship where I worked. The ship was seized in a bankruptcy after 9/11, so I've been trying to replace the cd since then. Six years! The other volumes were available, but not this one, and I wasn't going to pay a collector $75 or something crazy like that...

thank you thank you thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful - thanks so much for these - the attention to detail you put into this is very much appreciated! T

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much!!!!!

greetz, Ivo

Tom said...

Please please please post volume zero - I love this series truly, madly, deeply.

Anonymous said...

someone said a collector was aksing $75 for this record well i got in a shop in london for £10.00! new and sealed thats like $6.00. its called sounds that swing if they have a web page you may be able to mail order it... besides that thanks so much for posting the series, obviously in england its not easy to find any crypt compilations and despite spending 2 days in new york a couple of months ago trying to find the shop, by the time i got there it was closed so i am so appreciative of this!

cub19 said...

thanks so much for this and for part one! looking forward to part zero if you ever post it!

menu said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i got part 1 and 2 on vinyl from for £6.00 each. $75 seems a ridiculous price. shop around its very easy to find on vinyl if you look for it.

Philip said...

That cover art is by Daniel Clowes, the famous cartoonist whose stories "Ghost World" and "Art School Confidential" were turned into movies by Terry Zwigoff.

Anonymous said...

The cover shown here listed as Volume 2 is actually the cover for Volume 4. I don't know if it is different for the CD releases, but that's definitely the cover for Vol 4 of the LPs.

CalamityChang said...

you are so great for posting this album! i am a burlesque performer in nyc and producer of shows. am always looking for vintage go-go music but many of them are out of print because of digitalization of music. thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, and tracking down all the extra info. (I recently spent three hours tracking down all the info on a CD-R a friend burned for me. I'm not OCD, but I just LIKE TO KNOW, y'know?)

I used to own the first four LPs, which I bought from Crypt Records in the 1990s. These, along with the "Sin Alley" series, are perfect for whenever I need some "background raunch/sleaze" instead of boring ol' "background music."

Rock on!

Anonymous said...

Thank u very much for this posting.I love this stuff.amazing job!

Juan Pablo said...

Can you repost this album and the other Las Vegas Grind Collection Volumes, please? I'd love to listen to this music!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been re-uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of updating this link? Part One downloads fine, but this has been removed...

Kevin Sartori said...

Thanks for the heads up, Helen! Share has been uploaded to Rapidgator and is available now!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been re-uploaded to Rapidgator and is available now!

Kevin Sartori said...

Because Rapidgator has become unreliable, the share has been uploaded to Game Front and is available now!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for continuing to make these available!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to and is available now!