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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cop Shoot Cop - Release (1994)

Cop Shoot Cop was originally formed as a five-piece with David Ouimet playing sampler on the first album. After the Cop Shoot Cop debut Consumer Revolt, he left, returning to the band he formed in 1989, Motherhead Bug. For White Noise and Ask Questions Later, Cop Shoot Cop was a four-piece. For Release, their fourth and final album, David Ouimet returns to play trombone on two tracks ("Last Legs" and "The Divorce") and Steve McMillen joins as an official fifth member playing guitar (!) and trumpet.

While Release is their slickest and best sounding, er, release, it is also the soundtrack of a band collapsing from internal pressure. Still, it's a lot of fun to listen to. Tod A. has said in interviews that he felt Cop Shoot Cop was limited musically and that was why he left to later form Firewater. The remaining members (with Michael Kaminski replacing Steve McMillen on guitar) hung around to form Red Expendables. They produced one album that utilized some of the unrealized Cop Shoot Cop material before breaking.

Firewater is currently on hiatus, but Tod A. has a blog called postcards from the other side of the world that is worth checking out. From the bio page of the blog: "In January 2005 Tod decided to go on sabbatical from both the band and his homeland for reasons of mental health. His immediate goal was to escape from the grim predictability of George Bush's America. His secondary goal was to see some of the world and attempt to write about it. He can currently be found meandering aimlessly around South East Asia and the Indian Subcontinent, teaching English to keep himself in beer and cigarettes. Postcards From The Other Side Of The World is a collection of what Tod has written so far."

In compiling my final posting of Cop Shoot Cop material, I've included a number of extras. Following the album proper, I've included the one b-side from the Two at a Time single and the three b-sides from the Any Day Now single. Next is the track "3 AM Incident" from the Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack. On the official Cop Shoot Cop page, run by drummer Phil Puleo, there are a number of interesting audio tracks up for download. I haven't included any of the unofficial live tracks available there in my posts, but I'm including three otherwise unavailable studio tracks here. First is "Baby Broke Down," a tune proposed for the Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack. Next up are two unmixed songs from their final recording session, "Transmitter" and "Get Gone." The bitrate on these three tracks is only 128kbps and they don't sound that great, but they are unreleased and we should be thankful to be able to hear them at all. Big thanks go out to Phil Puleo for making the effort! Finally, while the Meathead/Cop Shoot Cop split single may have been recorded earlier than these last three tracks, it stands as their final official release, so I've placed it at the end. The final track on the CD5 (and this compilation) is a hidden bonus track I've tagged as simply "Untitled."

This wraps up my series of Cop Shoot Cop postings and serves as a complete discography. Cop Shoot Cop is one of my favorite bands and I'll never tire of listening to them. I can only hope my efforts have created some new fans!

Cop Shoot Cop - Release (1994)
1. Interference (4:13)
2. It Only Hurts When I Breathe (3:35)
3. Last Legs (3:47)
4. Two at a Time (4:00)
5. Slackjaw (3:38)
6. Lullaby (3:46)
7. Any Day Now (3:34)
8. Swimming in Circles (4:15)
9. Turning Inside Out (3:50)
10. Ambulance Song (4:20)
11. Suckerpunch (3:36)
12. The Divorce (4:14)
13. Money-Drunk (3:01)
From Two at a Time CD5 (1994):
14. Anonymous (4:14)
From Any Day Now CD5 (1995):
15. New God (3:34)
16. The Queen of Shinbone Alley (3:18)
17. Transmission (4:50)
From Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack CD (1995):
18. 3 AM Incident (3:52)
Unreleased, proposed for Johnny Mnemonic soundtrack (1995):
19. Baby Broke Down (3:38)
Unreleased and unmixed from final recording session (1995):
20. Transmitter (3:28)
21. Get Gone (2:25)
From Meathead and Cop Shoot Cop - Kill a COP for Christ and Bring Us His HEAD CD5 (1996):
22. Meathead - Large Amerikan Jaw (3:15)
23. ¡Schweinhund! (2:39)
24. ¡Schweinhund! (Remixed by M.Taho T. and Marco L.Lega) (3:54)
25. Meathead - Large Amerikan Jaw (Remixed by Cop Shoot Cop) (4:02)
26. Untitled (1:56)

163MB ZIP archive
MP3: (3x) Constant bitrate (128kbps) &
(23x) Variable bitrate (251.7kbps average)
Audiograbber 1.83.1 w/LAME 3.97 (--preset fast extreme)



Jay said...

Thanks for the Cop Shoot Cop posts. A fantastic discovery for me!!!

ASHDAV said...

Huge thanks. One of my favourite bands ever, to whom I've had little access over the last few years (my tapes got stolen or mangled). Is there anything more likely to impress your mates than having CSC on your iPod?

googler said...

CSC is my favourite band as well.
Does anyone have the lyrics of consumer revolt ??

Anonymous said...

link is dead, can you please reupload it? many thanks

Kevin Sartori said...

Very strange. I checked the link after receiving your comment about it being expired. It wasn't available "due to inactivity." So I reuploaded the .RAR file and went to bed. Double-checking the link this morning, I see it's back up! So I deleted my new upload. Weird. Anyway, it's available again. Must have been a glitch on Megaupload's end.

Anonymous said...

done. thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for these, it would have taken me years to hunt this lot down, if only someone would do a Surgery one as well

Anonymous said...

thank you thank you thank you! "any day now" off "release" was my anthem in college!

Anonymous said...

CSC VS Big Black.... Best mixes ever.

Anonymous said...

Oh man you rock! I had this album stolen from me YEARS ago and haven't been able to replace until now. Thank you SO much!

Anonymous said...

The password "" doesn't seem to work. I can't unrar the file. It always says the archive is corrupt but my download seems to be ok. Hmmm???

Kevin Sartori said...

Did you check out the PLEASE READ THIS FIRST section at the top of this page? Maybe you're using the wrong program to extract the RAR archive?

Anonymous said...

Thanks alot for putting these albums out there.

PlaidFlannelShirt said...

Dude, thanks for these posts. I've been a fan of CSC ever since I saw the movie S.F.W. and got the soundtrack that had "Two at a Time" by them on it. Their stuff is so hard to come by, especially in CD form, so this is really great. Thanks again!

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

mt10 said...

Thank you, Cop Shoot Cop is a little known but really intersting band and it's nice to hearing from them again. By any chance would you have the lyrics of "Baby broke down?" I've been trying to write them down myself but I'm no native speaker and some of the rhymes confuse me...


Anonymous said...

Danke! I saw CSC live in '93 and '94, and goddamn were they ever smokin' hot. The B-Sides you threw in are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

super mega thanx!

Anonymous said...

Since Megaupload is fighting their legal battles now, would it be possible to get a re-up somewhere else? Cheers, mate!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post! Loved hearing what Todd A is up to also. Lost my copy of Release when some scuzz stole some of my records. Release is by far their finest hour in my opinion. Great to hear New God B side again, i'd forgotten how great that song is too.
Thanks again

David said...

Thank you ever so much!

Anonymous said...

Thanks again. 10 years since this post. Link survived even the big mediafire breakdown in 2012 and is still active.