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Sunday, November 26, 2006

REDO: The Three Suns - Fever & Smoke (1961)

Browsing through my CD collection this morning, I ran across The History of Space Age Pop, a three volume series that RCA/BMG released in 1995. I had forgotten completely about these compilations! They were themed collections that attempted to mine the RCA Victor vaults for the most interesting lounge/exotica tracks. It's a great series that helped kick start the lounge revival of the mid-90s. It's also how I discovered The Three Suns!

Because of RapidShare's new idiotic policy to drop files after five days of inactivity, Fever & Smoke was dropped yesterday. The timing is good, though. The History of Space Age Pop series contains three tracks from this album: "Fever," "Colonel Bogey March" and "Smoke," all of which sound better than the vinyl rip versions on the Astro Age bootleg CD. Coupled with the three bonus tracks from the official German CD release of Twilight Memories ("Theme from 'A Summer Place'," "Sleep Walk" and "Misty"), fully half of the tracks are in remastered form. I used MP3Gain 1.3.4 to match the volume of these CD tracks with each track from the vinyl rip. I also re-ripped the rest of the album, re-encoding with the final version of LAME 3.97.

On this 1961 LP, Charles Albertine again provides the arrangements for this fire-themed album. For more info on this release, including the original liner notes, check out its page over at Michael David Toth's The Three Suns Universe.

This is a personal favorite of mine. I'll never get bored listening to "Tequila." In a stroke a campy genius, every time the trademark "tequila!" approaches, we are treated to the deep bong of a gong in its place. Hilarious.

The Three Suns - Fever & Smoke (1961)
1. Fever (3:04)
2. Like Young (3:31)
3. Theme from "A Summer Place" (1:46)
4. Tequila (2:18)
5. Beyond the Sun (2:23)
6. Petite Fleur (2:37)
7. Colonel Bogey March (2:28)
8. Sleep Walk (3:02)
9. Chanson d'Amour (2:43)
10. Volare (2:24)
11. Misty (2:45)
12. Smoke (2:56)

50.2MB ZIP archive
MP3: (3x) Constant bitrate (192kbps) &
(9x) Variable bitrate (225.7kbps average)
Audiograbber 1.83.1 w/LAME 3.97 (--preset fast extreme)



Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Stampy5000 said...

Unfortunately they must have deleted it again. Please let us know if you re-upload...

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

K. Steel said...

Brilliant. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your patient encoding, uploading, and mutliple re-uploading of this classic that so deserves to be heard!!!

Anonymous said...

Been searching for this one for a very looong time. Love "Colonel Bogey". Thanks for all the cool intel as well. Your remastering effort is splended!

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!

Bee Jay Ess said...

And verily, they were pleased...

OK said...

Thanks man!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you.