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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Trent Reznor - Quake (1996)

Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails fame was contracted by id Software to provide the music for Quake, the spiritual successor to Doom and Doom II. What resulted was an ambient mood masterpiece that, in my mind, surpasses anything released under the Nine Inch Nails moniker. As an in-game tribute, the game designers used the NiN logo on the pickup boxes for the nailgun's ammo.

Quake was the first truly 3D rendered first person shooter. When the game was released, there weren't any consumer video cards available that could actually show this off. In fact, the software rendered visuals were such that there was controversy among fans over which looked better, Quake or (the 2D) Duke Nukem 3D. Once 3dfx released their pass-through 3D-only video card, the Voodoo, things changed. id Software released an OpenGL patch for Quake. The results were astonishing. The screenshots did it no justice. I was among the many gamers who bought the $200 card just to play Quake in fully rendered 3D.

As with Half-Life, this was never released commercially as a soundtrack. This music was ripped directly from the PC CD-ROM of the game. Back then, the most convenient way to add music to a PC game was to sequence the music as normal CD-Audio. If you pop one of these older PC games into your CD player, the background music plays. That makes it very simple to rip the audio. If you look around the web, you'll find three different sets of song titles for these tracks. In actuality, these tracks have no official titles, so I've used the set that refers to the official game level titles in which each particular music track is first featured. This makes more sense to me than leaving the tracks untitled.

Trent Reznor - Quake (1996)
1. Quake Theme (5:05)
2. Intermission (2:23)
3. Start / Whispers (8:18)
4. Grisly Grotto (6:02)
5. Slipgate Complex (7:20)
6. Underearth (8:35)
7. Castle of the Damned (5:33)
8. Necropolis (6:26)
9. Ziggurat Vertigo (3:30)
10. Gloom Keep (5:13)

88.9MB ZIP archive
MP3: Variable bitrate (211.9kbps average)
Audiograbber 1.83.1 w/LAME 3.97 beta 3 (--preset fast extreme)



Anonymous said...

Hi! I don´t want to be rude or complain (really appreciate these type of Blogs), but I have some problems of getting the password work..

I usually manage to get them work, so not sure what I did wrong.. Any ideas?


Kevin Sartori said...

Hmmn, I'm not sure. The only thing I can think of is that you should make sure you don't include a space at the end. That can happen sometimes when you cut and paste. Let me know if that does the trick.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, but still can´t get them open. It says something like "error #17540", whatever that means.. I tried couple of other downloads earlier, but same thing. I use Mac. This is not the end of the world of course, just wondering, though.

Kevin Sartori said...

I had one other mac user email me about problems he was having with the rar archives. I'm a PC user, but I think the problem has to do with password protection and Stuffit.

Try using unRarX < > and let me know if that works.

Hellbishop said...

Thanks for this classic death drenched ambient soundtrack. I remember playing the game demo when it first came out on my old 486 and how creepy the sfx were due to being slower then normal like a 45 single played at 33 speed because of my slow cpu. I was a bit sad when i got my full QUAKE version in the mail a month later and it didnt sound as creepy thanks to my just upgraded faster cpu :) Still scared the crud out of me though!

If you ever played Monoliths extremely gory 1990s horror 3dshooter BLOOD here are two sites with all the music from that nightmarish game:

and here is a site with remixes of the music along with other game soundtracks:

Anonymous said...

Just for your edification; the Quake PC CDROM demo from 1996 contains the full soundtrack which will play in any CD player.

(track 1 is the data track, so you must skip to track 2 to begin the soundtrack)

Kevin Sartori said...

Nice, I didn't realize that the full soundtrack was also on the demo disc as well, though that makes sense. The full version plays as an audio CD as well, which is how I ripped it. 'Course, folks don't need to bother trying to track down either out-of-print disc if they want to hear the music, they can just download it here!


Skip said...

The songs actually have titles according to the CDDB:

1) Persia Inversion
2) The Life Beneath It All
3) Conscience
4) Freezing Vertigo
5) The Journey
6) The Hammer
7) Ice
8) Peace?
9) Violence Inside
10) Death

Kevin Sartori said...

Thanks for the comment, Skip.

As I mentioned in my post, there are three sets of song titles floating around the net. My understanding is that Trent Reznor did not title the individual ambient tracks. The fact that he didn't even give this a Halo number shows that this was music created on spec. It doesn't surprise me that the songs aren't titled. Remember, he was just creating mood music for a PC game. It wasn't being released as a soundtrack. Back then, gaming PC CD-ROMs used CD-Audio for soundtracks. Technology has improved and now music is compressed and hidden on the CD- or DVD-ROM disc and is not playable in a CD player.

Remember, CDDB initially got all of its CD information from people worldwide who generously contributed to what they thought would alway be a non-profit venture. Heck, I even typed and submitted song titles back in the day. That set of song titles is just as made up by somebody as the other two sets.

As I explained in the post, I went with this particular set of song titles (versus leaving all the tracks as "Untitled") because the titles are based on the names of the levels in which the music first appears in during the game.

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Kevin Sartori said...

Download link was expired/deleted. Re-uploaded and available for download again!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading it! Was just listening to NIN's new Ghosts album and suddenly remembered that he also did the music for Quake. His soundtrack greatly added to the creepy effect of this game. I remember almost shitting myself when the I first came across the Shamblers!

robin said...

I have enjoyed this record for ages after having discovered for myself that the CD-ROM played as a normal CD. Clever buggers!

andy said...

I've tried three or four times to download this, but when I paste in the password it fails. Does this file have a different password?

Kevin Sartori said...

The password is fine. It's been downloaded successfully hundreds of times. Try typing in the password manually. Sometimes when folks copy and paste, they accidentally catch an extra space at the end. Also, make sure you're using 7-Zip or WinRAR (for PC) or UnRarX (on Mac) to extract password protected archives!

TerraRoot said...

thanks for the download, my cd is 12 years old now and has a few too many scratches, i though it was gonna be hard to find the replacement tracks :)

Nick P said...

Thanks a TON for this soundtrack. I too have the CD, but it's so old and worn over time that all the tracks after 6 don't work, so ripping it myself is out.


Apple24 said...

I wish I found this blog before i spent 6 months looking for a cheap copy of Quake so I could rip the music :p
lol oh well...

keep up the good work mate :D

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for the post.
I searched this music for so long

cheers from france


Anonymous said...

I'd consider this a mix between "The Downward Spiral" and "Ghosts I-IV" Great Stuff! Thanks for the upload and yes there was a corruption in the file but unRarX took care of that.

no more myspaces said...

Thx for uploading this archive, i´m a Trent fan and a doom-quake fan....

cheers from spain

Anonymous said...

thanks man... have been looking for this for a long time... thanks again

"korle broucet" and company said...

this is an epic soundtrack, one of my top faves! thank you for making this available!

Jeremy said...

Thanks! I was looking for my old demo disc recently so that I could give the soundtrack a listen. It's around here somewhere, but it's a lot easier to just download it these days. How things have changed! I still think that the soundtrack added a lot to the game.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I got hold Half-life and Quake mp3 collection, thanks to you! Have you ever heard of Spice Opera by Exxos? Created by Stéphane Picq and Philip Ulrich, released by Cryo (formerly Exxos) on the now extremely rare album Dune: Spice Opera done for the old DOS game - Dune. Fantastic stuff! Let me know if you want it, it's pretty rare!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to you for uploading this album. I can't wait to finally hear it!

LuSiD said...

After reading this blog entry, I went back to my "retired PC game CD archive" and extracted Quake, and placed it on my top shelf of audio CDs. I am a bit of a NIN fan, but never put 2 and 2 together. Thanks for the illumination!

bfg666 said...

In spite of all the technological progress and gameplay improvements, this game is still the best FPS ever! Damn, what a trip! I still play it once in a while. I never understood why ID went a different direction for Quake 2... And I agree with you that the soundtrack was Reznor's best work.
To all the people having password issues: this soundtrack is available on The Pirate Bay in FLAC format.

Johnny Drama said...

muchas gracias.

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't happen to have the Methods of Destruction soundtrack for Quake by Sonic Mayhem would you? It's an alternative soundtrack to the Original Quake which is supposed to be excellent. It's by Sonic Mayhem, the same who did the Quake 2 soundtrack. Problem is, the cd is rediculously rare and can't find it on the net either.

Kevin Sartori said...

Thanks for the tip about Methods of Destruction! I didn't even know it existed. I'd love to get it myself, but I took a quick look online and had the same results as you. I also checked Soulseek and didn't see it there.

One of the tracks ("B7") ended up as an extra track on the Sega Saturn version of Quake and a lossless rip of that track was posted on

A different page on links to samples of four of the other tracks:

If anyone out there has a line on where to get a rip of this soundtrack, let me know! I'd "come out of retirement" to post it here!

Anonymous said...

I had this soundtrack when I bought the first demo of quake I on CD, I was like 15 years old, and the best time of my life was tripping on 5 hits of LSD sitting in a dark closet with this CD in my cd-walkman with headphones on and had it set to random-repeat for like 6 hours. You should try it.

Kevin Sartori said...

Share has been uploaded to MediaFire and is available now!